4 Books You Must Read If You’re Serious About Being Wealthy


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66 thoughts on “4 Books You Must Read If You’re Serious About Being Wealthy”

  1. Elena Lepa says:

    Why being wealthy is always so important for you? Why not 4 book for being a better person or for create a good relationship with your family ? You don't think that are many things more important than money ?

  2. Mimi's MEGA LIFE says:

    Terri, I am seeing results from my dreams and goals list and vision board!

  3. Biblical Truth To Restore Your Life says:


    1. Think and Grow Rich: https

    2. The Total Money Makeover

    3. The Automatic Millionaires

    4. Retire Inspired

  4. Queen Chioma says:

    So wonderful thanks for sharing Terri, I have had times when I am listening to ’Think and Grow Rich’ and I have had just had a money ideas come from nowhere i.e. Something said check if you are on the right tax code. I called them right away and found out I was on the wrong one where I was paying more than I was meant to. They put me on the right code and then refunded me hundreds of pounds, it was amazing. Can’t wait to get these books, I only have ’Think and Grow Rich’ out of your list so far. 🎉😊💕❤️

  5. Laura Flores says:

    Love to read and love this list. Going to the bookstore soon. Thanks Terri, I’m always looking forward to your videos.

  6. Valerie Emmanuel says:

    That's brilliant, thank you.

  7. Karlie Fischer says:

    Where is the link to sell my things? Thank you!

  8. GodChaser211 says:

    Terri, you are so inspiring! This year is going to be better than ever! I am going to read this year!!! – Rowena Fehr Chetwynd (instagram @rowenafehr)

  9. Angel Roundtree says:

    Think and Grow Rich is an awesome book!

  10. Bug Eye International Mobile Spa Spa says:

    I started Reading an it has changed my life knowledge is everything

  11. Angel Roundtree says:

    I love Dave Ramsey!❤️

  12. hlb0111 says:

    I wish you would have included the biblical principles concerning finances and a book that teaches them alongside reading the Bible

  13. Grace Essien says:

    Thanks for sharing Terri. Always inspired with your broadcast. God bless you

  14. Godfavorabletome says:

    This the year

  15. Tamara Taylor says:

    Love your outfit!!!

  16. Sharon Phillips says:

    Thanks I will start reading now.

  17. karl dillard says:

    Happy Monday, terri

  18. Nik L says:

    Thanks Terri. I have decided to start reading for 10 minutes a day starting today. Thanks for this video.

  19. Nadia McInnis says:

    Thanks Terri, I read "The automatic Millionaire" and that book changed my life forever. I have also read "Think and Grow rich." Great books. I am about to purchase the other 2 you mentioned.

  20. Sagitha Yang says:

    I had finished reading the first two books and totally love it. I'll read another last two books that u recommend. Thank you Terri ❤️

  21. Sharon Stratton says:

    I clicked the link above and I get error 404 saying it ant be found.

  22. Isabel M says:

    Love Dave Ramsey, and his daughter, I have the books of Dave Ramsey
    thank you Terri I am on the right path:)
    I just need the other books:)
    Definetely will buy them..

  23. Dorcas Amurawaiye says:

    Thank you Terri….
    I will read these 4 books

  24. Shipra Tripathi says:

    A lack of money make the business of living so is very likely to destroy peace of mind.
    Thank you Terri for such motivation

  25. Shun Williams says:

    Amazing video thank you Terri I appreciate it

  26. Yevette Gooden says:

    I completed Financial peace University a few years back and it was life-changing. Reading Dave Ramsey’s book “total money makeover“ solidified what I learned in the course. I can’t wait to read the other three suggested books. As always thank you. 🤑

  27. fdoctor says:

    Terry, I have a plan but believing God for the increase (e.g. employment opportunities, etc) to implement the plan. Thanks for the reading list and declaring that through wisdom and implementation, I will owe no man nothing but to love him. Tfs

  28. Amanda B says:

    Hi Terri could you list the sites that you sell on thank you

  29. Sunny C. says:

    Love it when you share personal examples of success! So encouraging! Terri you are the best motivational speaker/life coach out there!!!!!!!!!!! If there was an award I would give it to you all years in the row :)!

  30. Jessa Lynn says:

    Link to download doesn't work

  31. J G says:

    I love you Terri! Following you since the very beginning. Dont ever stop please!

  32. Sean Adams says:

    Hi Terri,
    One of my favorite wisdom books is The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

  33. Speak Out Get Out Stay Out says:

    404 error code 😪

  34. Jeannette Ureña says:

    Terri, You Look Amazing 😍

  35. Corina Domocos says:

    Love and Bless You

  36. Corina Domocos says:

    You are great and beautifull

  37. Stephen Livings says:

    That was fantastic. Thank you, Terri. #ILoveTerriSavelleFoy

  38. Stephen Livings says:

    You are looking beautiful, Terri.

  39. Victoria Codispoti says:

    Absolutely loved this! I've been questioning how can I get my homemade cookies out there & BANG there it is. God IS GOOD!💓

  40. erin parise says:

    Thank you for this video! When I followed the link it said “page cannot be found.”

  41. Monica Phillips says:

    thank you for sharing this information and wanting us to do better

  42. Betzaida M Bartlett says:

    I’m reading Retire Inspired 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  43. Vic C says:

    This is very very true, when I get into the rhythm of reading daily I notice my mind and things in my life get better, just like getting into the rhythm of working out and prayer. What’s good for us to do in life does not come easy.

  44. Suziestar 777 says:

    Hi Terri I love who you are and what you do however some people breed animals to make money and not think of the consequences or interest of the animal at all, many are abused and neglected, breeding animals and putting the mother through constant pregnancy and birth wears the animal down, it is clearly cruel to do that and only to have their babies taken away from them is certainly not Gods answer of making money that glorifies him. Unfortunately not many people realise the bitter truth about making money from breeding.This is not an attack on you Terri at all, I enjoy watching your podcasts and think you are terrific Xxo.

  45. Raja Kumar Undurthi says:

    I am a Preacher. Worked in YWAM. Thinking of You for 2 days. But know to and forgotten to see Your videos. But Praise God , got Your video on top. This week I am listening to Jerry Savelle videos for 2020 prophecy.
    You are awesome. Plz come to India. Thank you.

  46. Abigail Gyenimah Ofosu says:

    Thank you Terri for this insight. I can't wait to get these books and start reading them. God bless you

  47. Paul Wise Vision says:

    I clicked the link above and I get error 404 saying it can't be found.

  48. Shante says:

    I tagged you 😊😊😊 thanks for the recommendations

  49. Shante says:

    Sad part is I have 3/4 books recommended 😳 never fully read them.. thanks for the motivation and wake up call

  50. Krystal Garcia says:

    Link didn’t work for me either

  51. LIFESTYLE with EDNA says:

    I am so glad you came out with this video because I trust your judgments ! … this year I’ve challenged myself to read 12 self development books 📚. Thks for these suggestions ❤️

  52. Leslie Bardo says:

    Thank you so much Terri for everything you do! You’re making an impact in all of our lives!

  53. Christine T says:

    4. Think & grow rich ~ Napoleon Hill
    3. The Total Money Makeover ~ Dave Ramsey
    2. The Automatic Millionaire ~ David Bach
    1. Retire Inspired ~ Chris Hogan

  54. mmara says:

    Hi Terri! Thanks for the video. Can you give tips on how to read books effectively? Do you have a method how you remember what you read? That would be great!

  55. Gloriasrain says:

    Thank you Terri. You're always so helpful. Please keep it up. I believe that's your heart. So, Im so happy for you that you are living out your greatest desire. I will to one day. Cheers!!!!

  56. Yolanda Bacon says:

    I need a God – inspired idea. I will do the practical and the spiritual. It is long overdue….

  57. Reneasha McElhaney says:

    I loved the total money makeover ❤️ And I cant wait to start on Think and Grow Rich

  58. Charmain E says:

    Before you said it, was like..hmmm, is Chris Hogan on it or #1, lol
    Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  59. Evelyn marin says:

    Omg awesome 👍 I have read 3of the books you said. Now I'm going to start ready the last one. Freedom here I come🤓

  60. Miriam Odemba says:

    Merci Terri your the best

  61. MrSmashmouth07 says:

    its 2020 u would think ppl would find new books to recommend sweetie i think everyone already know about these books nothing new

  62. Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

    Thank you ever had two of the four but thank you for advice on this I always love your videos you are always so positive and uplifting and give great advice

  63. Sola Adeliyi says:

    I started following dave on YT, and listening to think and grow rich on audible (though its avaliable free on youtube too!) so so good! looking forward to the other ones as well. i so enjoy learning from both. i dont think i'd have read them so quickly if you hadn't recommended them. thank you terri!!

  64. Peju Oyekola says:

    Salut ma cherie Terri, j'adore vos vidéos sur YouTube et je me demandais si les vidéos sont disponibles en français ou avec les sous-titres en français car maintenant j'apprends la langue française et je veux plonger dans la langue mais je ne veux pas manquez les vidéos.
    Merci pour toutes les inspirations, Dieu vous benisse

  65. LANAFINANCE says:

    Awesome Terri.. Turn your car into UNIVERSITY ON WHEELS OF FORTUNE.. Be proactive on what you listen to.. There are Youtube audio books… think and grow rich.. etc…

  66. Healthy & Nurtured says:

    Thank you

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