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Hi, it’s Neva at Time for and
it’s monthly book club time. Right now, I want to recommend four great
books to you. For me, I’m reading The Richest Man in Babylon. It’s by George S. Clason. Basically, it has success secret. It’s a great book, it’s a Babylonian parable. The story, I don’t want to give everything
away, but it’s about Babylon which was one of the richest, richest, richest cities. In Babylon, you had, really really wealthy
people and then you had very poor people. The thing in Babylon, they were like, in the
same community, the rich and the poor. Literally, the rich people come outside, you
could see right across the street a poor person’s house and vice versa. The books starts, one of the poor guys, he
and his friend are talking about being rich, that they would like to make more money to
take care of their families and things like that. They decide to go and talk to the richest
man in Babylon and asked him what are the secrets to success and for them to gain insight. The book is basically, the richest man in
Babylon sharing truth about money, about true success, about spending, and things like that. He has like a lot of really valuable tips,
not even tips, more like a strategy that he gives them of what they need to do to get
the end goal because it turns out, the richest man in Babylon, he actually started out poor
as well. It’s a very interesting read. This is the older book but now that I’m reading
this, I’ve seen a lot of success books today. The principles that they’re actually promoting
are already in this book and this is a very older book. Definitely check it out. Okay? The next one I have is The Millionaire Next
Door and this is by Thomas Stanley and William Danko. This is basically, they did an actual study
of millionaires, like, where they shop, where they live, what they do for a living, how
they acquire their money, what is their background, what is their ancestry, where were they born
and they gathered all this data and then presented, Okay. This is what millionaires actually look like. A lot of the results are very surprising. This book was a New York Times bestseller
for three years or something. It was on the list because even here, it as
more than two million copies sold. It’s a really great book. I definitely recommend it. It had a lot of tips as well because once
you learn the truth about wealth, you can start to apply these. You can start to apply what they’re saying,
Okay, these are things that are common in a millionaire household. It’s a lot of truth about millionaires. That definitely just debunked a lot of myths
that are out there about millionaires. This book, Take The Risk, this is by Ben Carson,
he’s famous now because he was one of the presidential candidates and he’s running hard
now as well. He’s actually famous though for being a neuro-surgeon
and he specialized in pediatrics. He definitely was in an occupation where he
was encountering risk and happened to make very risky decisions each day. I really wanted to check out his book and
find out what he had to say about risk, but actually, I definitely recommend this book
because his occupation was very risky. This book, what he really brings out is how
our everyday personal life, how we have a lot of risks in our lives, and we have to
learn to make educated decisions when it comes to risks. That we cannot just always blindly go on faith,
there’s also a logical aspect that should go into us, assess and risk. He talks about how everything that you believe
is a risk. That was very profound to me because when
you think of your belief system, and you know that you have to test what you really believe,
I really would recommend his book. This book too, I got it from the used bookstore. If you have used bookstores in your area,
definitely check it out. That’s a huge saver because I’m a book nerd,
my husband’s a book nerd, so we through a lot of books. We need the savings because this book, this
is a hard cover book. This is a 1999 book and I got this at the
bookstore for $2.33. You can get some really good books. We have Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. This, you got to get this book. You definitely got to check this book out. The story behind her is, she actually just
started selling vintage clothes on eBay, okay? She was doing that and then one day she kind
of decided, Hey, why am I bringing all this traffic to eBay and paying all these eBay
fees? So, she started setting up her own website
and started selling it. That’s what she would do. She was going to thrift stores, finding the
items and putting them on eBay. Now that has grown, her company is worth millions
of dollars. What I like about her story is that she’s
not your typical CEO. She’s definitely not your typical millionaire. She doesn’t have a good college degree, I
don’t even think she has a high school diploma. I’m trying to remember if she has that, but
her story is very inspirational. If you’re not on the traditional route and
things like that, actually nowadays, you see more of her, which is really good, because
a lot of times, an immediate only, a certain type of CEO, a certain type of person that’s
promoted. Those are my book tips for this month. Go check them out and, like I said, you get
kindle versions of books, you go to used bookstore. There’s definitely no reason not to just be
a good avid book reader. I’ll see you next month. Leave comments below on, and if you have these
books, or if you’re reading something else, if you have a suggestion for me, what book,
leave some comments below and I’ll see you in the next video.

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4 thoughts on “4 Books That Changed My Life | Must Read Book Club Recommendations 2017|Book Club Picks for February”

  1. Neva Williamson says:

    Share what you are reading as well

  2. Jonathan McNeal says:

    beautiful little girl and great recommendations! I read Richest MnBab serious game changer for myself. Will check out the others

  3. Adonis E says:

    As always, great job Neva!

  4. Simply Me says:

    I got 3 out of 4 books for free! Just go to google on your tablet/phone and google the book title with pdf at the end and a free downloadable version will pop up. Thanks for the recommendations!

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