4 Books That Changed My Life by Thomas Iland

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Thomas Iland, Author and Advocate: It was
shortly after the health and wellness retreat, there’s a library right over here by my
condo and I took more time to start reading more books because if our ancestors took all
this time reading books and rather than just watching TV or going on the Internet all the
time, I actually start browsing the shelves. I read Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
by Dr. John Gray and that helped improve my relationships with women (I had just gotten
out of a not-so-good relationship). And maybe it would have been better if I read
it before the break-up but…that’s the past. So Tony Robbins I started reading (and I have
one of this books here), Awaken The Giant Within. That was another book that really got me thinking
about goal-setting, about how to make the most out of my day and my life. And then I came across 7 Habits of Highly
Successful people [Author Stephen R. Covey], and I read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends
and Influence People (that’s also in my shelves). So I really took the time to start reading
paperback books again. I had access to all these books but never
really browsed through them until I realized I wanted to make something more of myself
and get out of accounting and have better relationships with people and it has worked
wonders. Question: What books have changed your life?

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