30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life


This is a little intimidating, I’m not gonna lie like I’m gonna get like the shit beat out of me like This is gonna be weird. This is gonna be weird. I’ve used a couple, everything from Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble. I don’t think it’s weird to meet someone online I think it’s more you just you know, go into it open and with the possibility of meeting someone cool Jesus Fucking Christ This is a little intimidating, I’m not gonna lie. I feel like I’m gonna get the shit beat out of me like – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you, I’m Emily.
– Anshul.
– Anshul! – Jasmine.
– Anshul, nice to meet you.
– Anshul? – It’s like enchilada. – Hello. Nice to meet you. Catherine
– Nice to meet you, What’s your name? Catherine – I’m Gloria
– Gloria, Anshul, Nice to meet you – Jasmine
– Jasmine, Anshul, Nice to meet you.
– Anshul. – What’s your name?
– Kathy, nice to meet you.
– Kathy. Anshul, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you, Anshul. Cool. So how’s your weekend been? How have you been? So, I guess like first question: would you spend three hours on the moon or three months in Europe? – Three months in Europe. Three months in Europe, really? – I like, don’t usually date so I’m like okay…
– Really?
– Yeah – Yeah
– That’s awesome. Are you from LA or Huntington Beach area originally? – Yeah, I live kind of in the USC, I’m a grad student there so…
– Ahhh… – What are you interested in or trying to go towards?
– Um, towards the Arts. – I actually haven’t been with my family for a really long time?
-Oh, okay. Okay. – Yeah so this is like totally out of my comfort zone [Wow]. I don’t-I don’t do this. So I’m like…
– I feel very special, I thank you
– Yeah! – That’s good. Do you play any sports?
– Ah, I used to be a swimmer. Yeah. – That’s like when I was 12
– Hold up, you had a blog when you were 12? That’s insane
– Yeah – I love Indian food, I’m just putting that out there.
– No, I do too. I love it – You never know what’s gonna like – what’s gonna happen, like, yeah – yeah, if they’re gonna leave or if he’s gonna stay or not. And it’s like both are scary. Yeah. – Well, it was great meeting you.
– Nice meeting you too.
– Good seeing you. – Awesome. Cool. It was great meeting you.
– Thank you. Nice to meet you.
– Have a good one. – You too. – Have a good one. – Have a good time.
– You too. Stress of dates, you know. Oh boy Choose one person right now? That’s hard I mean like I feel like this is the part where the dating life goes into the real world, right Like how do you make that kind of decision? Hello again, hello Nice to see you yet again. Yeah Cool, so I had a really great time talking to you. I’d love the chance if you’d like to see me again sometime I’d love to take you on a date maybe like next weekend? – I would love that… yes.
– Yeah, let’s do it
– Yes, perfect. Okay, cool. I’ll send you some times. Let me get your number real quick. Here you go. It’s… … strange, strange. It’s interesting that we do this all the time and like I’ve definitely done this multiple times on my phone but… … It’s definitely weird when you’re in person, you’re like, oh I have to do this to you right now. Ah… definitely… I feel like it’s so different from dating in real life or even dating generally. It’s… generally takes a lot longer, a lot more… … talking, a lot more understanding but this was like Oh done in five seconds That’s so straight so you can judge a whole person in five seconds

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  1. Jubilee says:

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  2. Marco Villarreal says:

    Tell me why I heard the lil match noise, I thought I had gotten a match too.. 😂

  3. YoonMinly says:

    Kid: How did you and mommy meet?

    Dad: I-Its complicated

  4. Alexie Ortiz says:

    I knew that he would pick her 😌💗 he has good taste

  5. Jack McLean says:

    My man likes his Asians

  6. B Kakkamallan says:

    Both of them were Indians .

  7. Janiyah Moffitt says:

    This guy has terrible taste.

  8. M.S kh says:

    1:25 girls never do that face or you will end up single to the rest of your lives

  9. Kamran Memmedli says:

    1:59 she saw this girl and swiped left…Oh God…

  10. Aizawa And Mic says:

    He really likes asians doesnt he?

  11. RanksFN says:

    😂😂10 of them left all the good looking ones left when they said if they would swipe left on anchel

  12. miuchaton says:

    He really likes asian i see

  13. sophie says:

    omg 10 girls that he swiped right on left ahahhaha

  14. Moe Lester says:

    That Cathrine chick look like Vesper Green from Casino Royale

  15. jmiogo says:

    Our society sucks now.

  16. TH3MS says:

    What a weird taste he has, then again he might be smart, swiping away all the high value… xD well almost all high value.

  17. omar atwood says:

    That girl he got is cute

  18. Reilly Lundberg says:

    What if they did something like this but blindfolded and it had to just be personality!

  19. Ludum Plays says:

    no one:
    Anshall: Oh ReEAlLY

  20. Laurence Morin says:

    Love the vid!! <3

  21. Spicygirlfriend says:

    My problem with “dating“ apps is that people just judge u by your appearance, which is wrong. I've met so many people over the internet through gaming without ever seeing them. Would rather get to know the person first.

  22. Bear Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    I cant get over the idea of whoever said
    "oH yEs lEtS mAkE thEm nOt wEaR sHoEs"

  23. D45H says:

    Me:*Swipes right to all of them*

  24. Jamie McCormick says:

    I'm just curious as to how they got on. Don't leave us hanging!!

  25. G Pie says:

    This is absolutely horrible.

  26. Single Living says:

    Some of the girls he swiped left on I feel like he thought maybe they were out of his league

  27. Erra moua says:

    She’s so pretty 😍

  28. Michael McKinney says:

    Dude has a weird vibe

  29. CyKA BlyAT says:

    4:55 that's my pick out of the bunch.

  30. Izzy Bee says:

    Dude imagine if his mom was in there …….

  31. PixelSoulist says:

    I knew who he’s gonna pick from the first time i saw her

  32. LD Horselady says:

    He really like dem asians

  33. Sample Dude says:

    I would've chosen her too..

  34. Chakka Boola says:

    On real tinder he would have swept them all right

  35. Christmas is Fun says:

    So no one is gonna talk about how non of them had shoes on?

    Just me 😳? Ok

  36. Hana Khaled says:

    Anshul looks cute actually lmao

  37. Winter 72194747 says:

    They should do this but for 13/12 year olds 😂😂 if they ever do this sign me up 😝

  38. Super Peachy Jasmine says:

    He no on girls who weren’t smiling or maybe didn’t have very open expressions. Yall need to stop being mean to those girls or saying they had bitchfaces. just cause he said no to them. Every woman in there was beautiful

  39. Zamy Zamy says:

    Hi (sorry about my bad English, I’m not very good at learning. Sorry about my bad English again.)

  40. Wendel Remix2019 says:

    Ich finde das ist ein echt dummes Konzept weil man schaut ja nur wie der Partner aus sieht man weiß aber nicht wie seine Persönlichkeit ist oder so

  41. Bob Jazzman says:

    That was awkward to watch.

  42. Mark Matthews says:

    In england this is a show on national telly called 'Take Me Out'

  43. Nickie Ovien says:

    He went with the girls that had the mountains on their chest to be honest I would of done the same.

  44. OddLady says:

    He said no to all the chubby girls. Judgy much.

  45. Myrk Fælinn says:

    I noticed a pattern. All the girls that had a neutral, almost not so lively expression (or bright smile) were swiped to the left and I could immediately see that the guy prefers cheerful and positive vibes from these girls

  46. xBlueWolf says:

    Well this guys definitely got different opinions than me

  47. Myrk Fælinn says:

    I also noticed the ones with the GENUNE smiles to not leave on Anshul. Especially the blonde haired girl and the girl with blue dye in her hair

  48. Stefano Pinto filipe says:

    would have been great with the name and a little pick up line maybe

  49. Jericho says:

    Jesus christ this is so awkward

  50. Bu11et says:

    Imagine if he was gay.

  51. Bu11et says:

    Imagine all 16 left

  52. Vaisnavee Idayahmadoo says:

    2:12 Humm, we see you

  53. Michael says:

    only likes asian and black chicks, unless the white one is super pretty

  54. Sam Scott says:

    This guy lacks taste buds😪

  55. iornliver says:

    1:59 whaaat this man has noooo taste how could he swipe left

  56. Timia Beeman says:

    The girl he chooses is literally so cute omg

  57. Emilly King says:

    Looks like Justin Bieber somewhat. Anybody else?

  58. JOEHID JOESTAR says:

    There were some attractive girls that he swiped left to at the start 😂

  59. Amir Brown says:

    1:27 he swipped left the best one

  60. ;-; says:

    I want a video that updates on Anshul and the girl he pick like are they together or not

  61. Brooke Wallace says:

    Don’t use the Lord name in vein.

    Thumbs down 👎 for bringing this Vulgar Indian to the video!

  62. Kamarul Hafidz says:

    He picked the Indian one , so obvious

  63. Jose Lopez says:

    "like aunchillaudah" gtfo

  64. XxJasmine. GdzxX says:

    Ok but the 7th girl was pretty how can he do that wtf

  65. Kanochi says:

    He must really like asians

  66. Cody BenRar says:

    I was hoping he would chose that girl that he chose

  67. Kanochi says:

    He swiped left on a bunch on hot ones but got the prettiest one wtf

  68. Ava Elizabeth says:

    I knew she was gonna pick her

  69. Mariely Ortiz says:

    Why are they not wearing shoes?

  70. Finn Wolfhard says:

    All the girl who he swiped left was not smiling and was moody looking tho. And all the girls he swiped right was smiling and happy looking

  71. Charlotte Mcglashan says:

    Who else had a good feeling about Catherine x

  72. Asmi Aashi says:

    That girl he chose……SWIPED him off his feet😂

  73. Rose Thorn says:

    Just say it you’re into Asians

  74. Kasper Hauser says:

    Can I have all the other ones. Most looked lovely.

  75. EZ PZ says:

    1:44 wtf she is so good looking

  76. The YouTube Judge says:

    If you have been affected with the awkwardness and cringe that has appeared in this video, please comment you thoughts in the reply section of this comment.
    Cost is 1 like.

  77. The Javvo says:

    Cody ko brought me here

  78. Its Funnehcake says:

    Somehow he looks like Noah Centineo 🤷🏾‍♀️

  79. Flaming Ryno says:

    It think this would be kinda fun

  80. yoongi stan says:

    This must really hurt the girls self esteem

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    1:59 wtf

  82. Afrin Alam says:


  83. Sophia Bird says:

    Are they a couple now?

  84. William Bay-Kramer says:

    This man has Asian fever, but the girl he chose was the best.

  85. Epic Maniacs says:

    Can u do a lesbian edition

  86. Jag S says:

    I feel bad for the girls the got rejected right to their faces but then again they agreed to this and must have thought about both possibilities. Soooooo………… no more pity I Guess. 😉

  87. Jag S says:

    Imagine he accidentally swiped right then goes and say ohhhh no no I meant left to their faces. 😂😂😂

  88. Nova Walters says:

    “And that’s how I met your dad!”

  89. The Jew says:

    anshul nice to meet you

  90. Vasil Svolopoulos says:

    I would have LOL'd if he went through the whole line and totally got his swipe directions mixed up from the beginning. First there's intentional awkward. Then, there's unintentional awkward…

  91. Ultimate Mc says:

    This dudes taste in Wenatchee sucks

  92. Shaddow Panther says:

    HOW COULD HE SWIPE LEFT ON THE BLONDE GIRL?!!!!! Dude has no taste at all

  93. kathryn m says:

    This is so funny

  94. BluberryBomb UwU says:

    I Don’t know why, but for some reason his smile reminds me of Noah Centineo? Is it just me? XD

  95. XOVO says:

    1:29 nahh hes gay

  96. SKRAPE says:

    He looks like what a male Karen would be.

  97. Anonym way !! says:

    Slumdog Millionaire.

  98. Daniel Quartey says:

    He likes Asian girls

  99. Sally Salut says:

    Omd il m'inspire quelque chose de si vicieux

  100. noah santa cruz says:


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