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Emma: Hey whatsup hello my name is Emma and
today I am here with Michael: Michael BookLion
E: I knew you were doing it that time because you hit m [laughs]
E: Today, we are back at the Strand Bookstore – You can’t keep doing this every single
time M: Okay I’m sorry!! E: Today we are here at the Strand Bookstore
in New York City and we are going to be doing a new book haul… challenge… thing. M: That’s exactly the title of this video
so you knew that. E: “New Book Haul Challenge Thing”
So a few months ago, there were a few YouTubers doing shopping challenges in a certain time
frame whether it was makeup or clothes. So today, Michael and I are going to have
3 minutes to buy some books for each other. This is gonna be very stressful because not
only is it a very short period of time to explore an entire bookstore, but also, we
have to figure out what books the other person would want! M: Emma has been hounding me to tell her for
two weeks now but I kept it locked down ‘cause that’s the challenge and …
E: I like to be prepared. M: The whole point is not being prepared so
this is gonna go swell. E: Probably gonna be a disaster but I hope
you guys enjoy. M: That’s my life [laughs] [Let The Challenge Begin] M: And we are… off. Let’s Go. E: Is it going?
M:Yes/ M: 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Don’t knock anyone down. Or do. It’ll make the video more entertaining. E: I actually don’t know if you have this. M: I do but I can’t say. E: You know if you have it? M: Yeah, I know if I have the book! I’m not gonna tell you. E: Ooh I do want this one. M: Oh my god, you’re doing this so fast
can you stop? E: [intelligible]
M: Okay well you have a full 2 minutes and 20 seconds. E: That’s why I’m glad I’ve got two
books ‘cause now I can take a hot second. But also I don’t know if you have the Shiver
series by Maggie Steifvater. Okay well I’ll take this anyways. Um… OH we’re in middle grade, I feel like you
don’t read a lot of middle grade. I think you have that. I don’t think you’re interested in anything
over here, but there’s so many people in the fantasy aisle. M: You’re gonna have to go for it. It’s the reason this is called the “thingy
challenge” what did you call it? Book haul thingy challenge. E: Do I want to get you anything over here? M: Do you? E: Genuine Fraud is such an interesting book
but I don’t know if you’d like it or not. M: You… have… I’m kind of insulted your phone didn’t
unlock to my face but it’s fine. A minute and 30 seconds. E: How much time? M: Minute 30. E: A minute and 30 seconds and there’s so
many other people in the aisle but I don’t wanna goooo. M: [sings Jeopardy theme]
E: Ohh… [laughs] M: Okay, well… E: Okay we’re braving it. M: You’re going for it. E: Excuse me, sorry. M: You’re getting on the elevator? E: Does this look like an elevator to you? M: Those are stairs [it’s actually a ladder,
u dumbass] E: Could I just get past you really quick? Sorry. I feel like I can’t carry all these at once. M: You have 40 seconds left. E: 40 seconds? Is there anything else I want to look at? I have so many books, I’m only gonna pick
3 of them but I don’t know what else you’d want. Oh, I should get you Hocus Pocus, that’s
what I should get you. M: [bizarre noise] E: I don’t know if you’d like that one. M: And you’re at 20 seconds. E: Oh I thought you were about to tell me
I’m out of time I was like WHAT? There’s no way I’m that much out of time. I don’t know if there’s anything else
that you’d want! I… don’t think I can get you anymore. M: And you’re out of time. E: Okay, I think I’m satisfied with my choices. [ The Book Haul] E: So I finished book shopping, it was really stressful. I’m confident in maybe 1 or 2 of my choices
but not in any of the others. The one book I am sure I’m gonna get Michael
is Skyward by Brandon Sanderson because Kat from Katytastic really loved this book, I
know Regan from Peruse Project also loved it. Everyone has been raving about it and Michael
does like sci-fi so I think this will actually be a good choice for him, I can see him picking
this up really soon. Am I in your way? Book Shopper: I’m sorry I’m just looking for a book. E: Go for it! B: I didn’t wanna… I was like “OHH I almost stepped over her.” E: No don’t worry go for it, do whatever you’ve gotta do. The next book I picked up is Shiver by Maggie
Steifvater because I know Michael LOVES Maggie Steifvater’s books, he’s a huge fan of
the Raven Cycle. The only thing is I’m not sure if he has
#1 read it or #2 owns it. I don’t believe he has it on his bookshelf
currently but he might have it back home in New Jersey. So, not sure about this one yet. The other one I am not totally sure about
is Autobiography by Christina Lauren because I know a lot of people have loved this book. It’s a contemporary I think Michael would
like but again, not sure if he owns it. Then I got Archenemies by Marissa Meyer which
you guys know is a favorite of mine. I know that Michael read Renegades and I think
he would be willing to read the sequel. He didn’t like, LOVE Renegades but I think
he’d be willing to give it a chance. I can sometimes convince him to read books
that I really love, so I think he might pick up Archenemies if I were to get it for him. And then the last book I picked up is Girls
of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan. I’ve heard that this is a really amazing
fantasy novel with a lesbian relationship. Michael loves fantasy and he reads a lot of
LGBT books so I think this would also be a really good choice for him. So I think I’m set on both Skyward and Girls
of Paper and Fire, but now I just have to figure out what is my choice between these three. [Book Exchange] M: I just hit myself in the nuts with this bag. E: [laughs] So we are back from the Strand and we’re gonna do our little book exchange. I’m going to be showing Michael the books
I bought him. I am so insecure about my choices. I think you’re gonna hate all of them but
I hope you’ll be excited. M: That’s how I feel about myself as a person. E: We did promise each other to be completely
candid and honest, not like “OH… Thaanks…” M: It’s a avocado
E&M: Thaaaaaaaaankss M: I happen to be a very very expressive person,
I’ve been told, so even if I’m trying to fake it, you guys might be able to tell. E: I would totally know. So the first book I got you is… M: I don’t trust you… Girls of Paper and Fire by James Patterson
Presents from Natasha Ngan! I hope I’m saying that right, I’ve said
it like 5 times in this video. I also got Emma this book and this is what
happens when you hear really good things about a book and it lists on the New York Times
best seller list for like 8 weeks now. I don’t know if I’m gonna read it anytime
soon but since you have it, I think I might buddy read it with you. E: We should totally buddy read it. M: And so, we both win. E: Yeah, we do both win. We had an unintentional buddy read out of
this. We didn’t go in planning to get the same
book for each other. M: There’s only 18 miles of books, of course
we’d get the exact same one for each other. E: So the next book I got you is… M: Ooooh you’re feeling purple today, huh? E: It wasn’t intentional. M: Bitches love purple. It’s Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. This was recently the Booksplosion book of
the month and they all really liked it. I don’t know much about it besides it’s
like sci-fi, alien creatures, outer space, girl and people love Brandon Sanderson and
have been loving this. E: If I’m being honest, I don’t know anything
about Skyward either. I just know that it’s science fiction and
I know that Kat loved it M: And I love Kat
E: You do love Kat, and although I feel like I wouldn’t consider sci-fi one of your favorite
genres ever, you do have- M: I love the Illuminae files so if it’s
anything like those, I will really like it. But honestly, I would never have picked it
up myself. E: Okay well that’s not necessarily a bad
thing. M: It’s not. E: Maybe I didn’t do so terrible. M: Yeah, yeah. Do the next one. E: Was that sarcastic? M: No no no! E: Like yeaaah, yeaaah. The next book I got you is… M: I gave you so many chances to hit me in
the face with a book. It is Autoboyography by Christina Lauren. Do you remember when you were with me when
I bought this in hardcover? There’s a follow up, there’s a follow
up. You were with me when I bought this in hardcover-
E: I thought so. M: And we bought a blanket at TJ Max
E: Yeah M: Wait the story keeps going, it takes a
turn. And we bought a blanket at “Cheezy Max”
E: [laughs] “Cheezy Max” are you hungry? M: And we bought blankets at TJ Maxx and put
them out on the garden and laid out at I think E&M: Central Park
M: And I tried reading it to her but we ended up just laying and staring at the sky and
taking cute selfies. E: Yeah that was a nice day. M: And you had a stain on your shirt-
E: Thanks for mentioning that. M: That I had to facetune out for the photos
[laughs] And then I hadn’t read it but I was interested in reading it but I had a friend,
or a friend’s friend came over and was interested in reading it, so I gave it to them and then
I never got it back. And so it’s actually this weird full circle
moment that you got it for me. E: Wait that’s so funny. I was really almost convinced that you had
it. M: You were with me when I bought it. E: But I had a feeling you’d be interested
in it. M: But you don’t remember being with me. E: Now I remember! M: So I will probably get to this at some
point. E: I do remember you reading it and I really
liked the beginning of it. And I have it too, so we could actually buddy
read that. M: Also all three books Emma got me are purple. I wonder if she’s feeling some type of way
today. E: So how do you feel I did? M: I feel like we spent too much money on
each other. E: That wasn’t what I asked! M: I feel like I wouldn’t have bought any
of these myself, but I have reasons to read them I know it’s the point of the video but it’s still really touching tha you spent a lot of money on books for me. E: So if you want to check out my process
of picking out books for Michael and which ones I chose for him, go check out his video
in the description below… M:That’s…
E: No. M: So if you wanna pick out the b- E: [laughs] So they’re going book shopping for us now? M: Keep it together. So if you wanna see the books that I got Emma
and you already know one of them, so why not find out the next two, go check out the video
on my channel. Why am I closing your video? E: [laughs]
M: You continue. E: We hope you guys enjoyed this video ‘cause
it was super fun to film but also super stressful. Let us know your thoughts on my choices in
the comments below, but that is it for this video, thank you guys so much for watching,
and I will see you soon for a new video. Bye!

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