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– I decided that I wanna tell you guys about some of my favorite audio
books that I’ve listened to since the beginning of this year. Are you ready? (imitates beeping) (mellow music) As you may know from watching my other
book recommendation video or my productivity video, I
love listening to audio books. It’s more time efficient for me, and for some reason, I concentrate better when I’m doing another task on autopilot. So if I’m walking somewhere,
I’m jogging, I’m driving, I can really pay attention
to an audio book and zone in. Don’t ask me why. It just works. Before we start, we have to
give a huge thank you to Audible for sponsoring us again on this video. And they have a great offer,
if you want to try Audible, where you get one audio book for free plus two Audible originals
when you sign up. All you have to do is visit Remember, Doctor is D-O-C-T-O-R Mike, or you can text 500500, the
code Doctor Mike as well, D-O-C-T-O-R M-I-K-E. Are you ready? There, are you ready? Uh, no one’s there. I guess we’re ready. The first book I wanna talk to you about is called “Feeling Good” by Dr. David Burns, M.D. The gold standard of treatment
for depression, anxiety, if you’re to visit a doctor, is called Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Now it sounds like a mouthful,
but it’s really not so bad. It’s basically when you take your thoughts that are irrational or dysfunctional or not based concretely on reality and then you substitute rational
thoughts in their place. It’s thoughts that guide your feelings, not feelings that guide your thoughts. We as humans don’t really
have control of our feelings. If you’re feeling depressed,
and someone comes up to you and says, “Hey, just snap
out of it,” that’s rude. But if they approach you and they say, “Well, why are you feeling depressed?” “What thoughts are you having?” And then they try and help you understand that those thoughts are irrational, that’s essentially what CBT is. It’s important to know that
you don’t have to be suffering with depression or
generalized anxiety disorder in order to benefit
from reading this book. Everyone in this world, every
human alike, will benefit from knowing about Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy. It’s a rational, reasonable way
to think about your problems so that, not that you don’t get
sad when you have a problem. That’s normal. That’s part of human existence. But just so that sadness
doesn’t bring you to such depths where you can’t function. I wanna share with you also that I, when going through
a tough time, will go back and read “Feeling Good,”
because it’s one of those books that, yes, there’s
information in there that, once you learn it, you know it. But it’s a skill that needs to be consistently sharpened and updated. “Mike, you always look happy. “You look balanced. “How are you involved in so many things?” It’s because I’m
constantly doing this form of CBT on myself. Now that doesn’t mean everyone’s
gonna be capable of this, and that’s why I encourage anyone. If you’re suffering with
depression, anxiety, or you’re even questioning if you have it, go talk to your primary care doctor. Talk to a mental health professional. There’s nothing wrong with it. We all have times where we get stuck. That’s part of life, and
sometimes we need help. That’s totally fine. And I tell you this from a lot of personal and professional experience. When you get through that struggle, even if you’ve had help or
you’ve done it on your own, with a book, whatever, you’re gonna feel not only so much better, but you’re gonna be more prepared to help others along the way. And that’s truly a rewarding feeling. The second audio book
I wanna tell you about is called “Coddling of the American Mind” by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. Now this is a very thought-provoking book on how the young American
minds are being hurt by good intentions. Some of the most
important things discussed in this book is the
rise of over-parenting. It’s that style of parenting where you have basically
like helicopter parents, where they’re always
around their children. They never want them to get hurt. They never want them to fail or feel sad, and that’s having detrimental effects on children’s mental
health as they grow up. Haidt and Lukianoff
postulate that the increases of anxiety and depression
that we’re seeing in the youth are as a result
of, at least partially, by this parenting style. The second thing that they talk about is how nuance is lost in conversation and how diversity of ideas
is lost on college campuses. And I totally agree with that. I think when we talk about diversity, we should absolutely be talking about gender, sex, religion, race, but we also need to have
a diversity of ideologies. And when we lose that, we
actually become less smart. Because if we’re never challenged, if no one ever gives us a new
thought even to argue against, we can become better. That’s why if you look at athletes, when they compete against
someone at a very high level, there’s a huge level of respect. Because that person is making them better. Rivals make each other better. One thing that stuck with
me from reading this book is how there’s so much lost free play when it comes to kids nowadays. And I see this even within my nephews. Everything is so incredibly
structured and monitored. They never have the time to
just be alone and play together and argue and fight and
learn how to solve problems and actually develop their social fabric. I know it sounds funny to say that free play could be that
important, but it really is. And I think Haidt and
Lukianoff do a great job in breaking that down, explaining and giving concrete examples of what’s going on in
schools, with parents, within society, politics, and how that all factors in
to the developing young mind. Totally recommend this book. And the most exciting
part about all of this is in a couple of months, Jonathan
Haidt is gonna be coming on this channel for an interview. I can’t wait, and I hope
you guys are excited, too. The third audio book
I wanna tell you about is called “Thinking in
Bets” by Annie Duke. She’s a professional poker player. I remember even watching her play poker when I was growing up. I used to play poker
semi-professionally back in the day. I had a group of friends
that I would play poker with, and it’s funny, because
all of our conversations, whether they were about school and tests, girls and guy friends, everything
we related back to poker. And what this book is, is
all about how you can think about making decisions in
life with limited information and take some cues and tips from players that are very good at poker. What Annie Duke does well in this book is that she equates making
difficult decisions in real life to poker hands, and it encourages folks when they think about their decision, to think about it as a bet. A bet has consequences. You can win; you can lose. There’s things that can happen in between. The most important thing that
this book is gonna give you is it’s gonna make you
a better decision maker. It’s gonna shift you away from certainty, where it’s either gonna be a yes or no, to uncertainty, which is what life is. There’s a level of luck involved. There’s things that you’re
not gonna be able to plan for. Things that are outside of your control. And what Annie Duke does is she lays out all these strategies that we can use to become
better decision makers, so that we can become more
analytical in our judgment so that we can have more
favorable outcomes in the future. This book covers bias really well. In fact, Annie Duke actually takes from a handful of psychology literature and incorporates that
into her own thinking, into her own process
for making a decision. That’s why she’s become this incredibly successful
business consultant. This is by no means an exhaustive list of audio book that are great. These are just some of my favorites that I’ve read since the
beginning of this year, and I wanna do this a
little bit more often. When there’s nothing going on in the news, medically speaking, I wanna jump in and tell you about interesting reads or listens (laughs) that
I’m going through to share. Because not only do I
benefit from listening to these audio book, but you can, as well. Remember, visit, D-O-C-T-O-R M-I-K-E, or text the number 500500,
the code Doctor Mike, again D-O-C-T-O-R M-I-K-E, to get one free audio book
and two Audible originals. As always, stay happy and healthy.

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    Holy Jo, Dr. Mike! Thank you so much. Book 1 & 2 are my every day Life and book 3 is what I may need. CBT is how my brain works before I knew what CBT was. The good thing is if you have a brain that does a lot of thinking and gets carried away you can give it good things to go off the rails with, like a little "let's do proactive work with those feelings, babe." Keep sharing your reading recommendations please. It is good medicine! 🏞️

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  7. Ella Hughes says:

    The laws of medicine by Dr. Siddhartha Mukerjhee is AMAZING. It’s not even really laws of medicine, it’s laws of life. It gives you a new perspective. Read it, please!!!

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    You should read "Walking Your Blues Away" by Thom Hartmann. It's a quick, easy read that has some interesting ideas stemming from the thoughts behind EMDR. Very interesting.

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    I have been picking up and putting down the book Feeling Good every time I go to my local bookstore. I am in therapy, my therapist is using CBT on me every two weeks to go through everything that is in my brain that makes me the ball of depression and anxiety that I am, more manageable. I think I'll go ahead and pick up that book, books have always been my "safe space" and my therapist is all about me looking into using said books to help with the CBT we are already doing to keep it up at home. So thanks Dr. Mike, for helping me choose to go ahead and read it.

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    Hi Dr Mike! I follow you since the beginning of your era. I was recently diagnosed with Cushing syndrome, basically my cortisol levels are too high and on a permanent /long-time basis. At the beginning when I told my obgyn that I thought I had some hormonal issue because I weight 1kg less only than I weighted right before giving birth almost 9 months ago (despite following their meal plan and being extra careful). When she got the blood results she said it look like I have diabetes, she sent me to an endocrinologist who explained you can't diagnose diabetes with a glucose test in one day, it has to be repeated to get an idea of how it changes over time. She did a ton of blood work and while waiting for results she asked me to lift my shirt to say "aha, your stretch marks are purple, not white, this is just another little sign of issues with your cortisol levels".
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    The thing is that I explained to my endocrinologist that the most normal / balanced or me that I have ever felt was actually while I was doing IVF treatment, I said many times that having PCOS and now that we know, cortisol issues, I feel like under those hormones injected during IVF I reached my normal levels and that is why it was also super easy and fast to get pregnant via IVF.

    When it comes to people with high cortisol levels as mine, besides changes in the type of exercises, eating habits, including meditation …do you also recommend taking some drastic decisions that we believe are impacting our stress levels? i.e. I live in Shanghai with another 25m people, I always found this place to be too much for me. At the same time, I have been saying for a while that I want to leave my corporate job despite all the benefits it brings me and that I know I will soon be offered again a promotion, and work for myself, control my schedules and my own projects. I feel like its all in one…

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