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– Hey guys. So it finally happened. I finally moved into a new house and don’t let this
backdrop deceive you. My room actually looks
like this right now. Things are definitely
still in flux. I’m not even near finished
setting up this room, so this week I wanted to
bring you a quick video where I recommend three of the
books that really helped me become a more effective student. And I’m gonna go ahead and say that each of these
three books is something that you should read
if you’re a student. So, my first book
recommendation is “The Power of Habit”
by Charles Duhigg. And as I’ve said before, and
if you’re on my mailing list, you know that I think habits
are one of the core things that form your ability to
become a successful student. Your habits and the patterns that are ingrained
up in your head are largely what define what
you do on a day to day basis. And as time goes on, the
accumulations of those actions really define whether or
not you achieve your goals. The reason I love “The
Power of Habit” is because it explains how
habits are formed. It goes over something
called the habit loop and shows how routines
are formed in your head. They are triggered by certain
things and they end up leading to certain rewards. It also shows you how you can
start changing your habits with the knowledge
of this habit loop, how you can break bad habits or start building good habits
that you don’t have yet. My second book recommendation
is one I mentioned last week, “The Personal MBA”
by Josh Kaufman. Now, “The Personal MBA”
is the author’s attempt at building a
education in a book that can sort of replace
actually going back to graduate school for an MBA. And while he’s not very
serious about that claim, he obviously isn’t saying
that two years of intense graduate level education is
gonna be replaced by this book, what he wants you to
realize is that there are certain foundational concepts
to each aspect of business. Accounting, working with
others, sales, marketing, value creation
and in my opinion, all these aspects of business are useful to know no
matter what your major is. And the reason for this is that you probably want
a job after you graduate. No matter what your major is, you’re looking to get
hired by a company that has to conduct business. So if you understand the
fundamentals of business, if you understand value
creation, value delivery, if you understand
how marketing works, if you understand
how your brain works, how to work with others and
how to work with yourself, all concepts that are
gone over in this book, then you’re gonna be
a better candidate. It’s going to compliment the actual in class
information you get that’s specific to your major. And my final book recommendation is “Debt-Free U”
by Zac Bissonnette. Now this book, I think,
is the most essential book for anyone looking to
go to college in the US. I can’t really say
that it’s essential for people in other
countries because I know that the financial situation
with education is different. But for US students at
least, read this book. It can save you thousands
and thousands of dollars. The book contains a
wealth of information about student loans,
the cost of debt and how hard it might
actually be to pay off, and most importantly,
whether or not you actually need to take
debt to get a good education. He breaks down a lot of the
flaws in the college rankings that drive a lot of
student’s college decisions, and shows how you can get
a really good education at an in-state
public university, or even a community college. He also shows in actual detail, how you can afford
that education without
taking on debt. Now, so far this channel
has been mostly about studying and productivity. But that’s only one
of the focuses I have with my website,
College Info Geek. I also wanna teach students how to become better
job candidates and how to become
financially stable. And the first step is helping
them stay out of student debt or pay it off as
quickly as possible. That’s why “Debt-Free U”
is probably my favorite student focus book of all time. And if you’ve ever seen my essential reads
for students list, which you can read by
clicking the card right now, you’ll see it right at
the top above my own book. So, that’s it for this video. Hopefully you find
these books useful, and you’ll find
other recommendations over on my essential reads page. You can also get my book “10 Steps to Earning Awesome
Grades (While Studying Less)” for free. And while I’m not going
to list my own book as essential for students, I
do think you’ll find it useful. So, I’m gonna get back
to cleaning this house up and building a proper backdrop
for next week’s video. So, I will see
you in that video. And also if you’re waiting on the 10,000th subscriber
bonus video, it is coming. These past few weeks
have been really hectic and I haven’t had
time to film it, but I will be getting
it out as soon as I can, and I’ll show you how I
actually shoot these videos. So, look forward to that. (upbeat music) Hey everybody, thanks
for watching this video on my book recommendations. If you wanna get new
videos every single week on being a more effective
student, then you can click that big red subscribe
button right there. If you wanna get
links to these books and also see the other books
I recommend for students, then go to the companion
blog post for this video by clicking the orange
logo right there. If you also want a copy of my
book on improving your grades, just click the picture
and I’ll send you a copy. You can also check
out last week’s video on building your ability
to focus if you missed it. And lastly, if you’ve
got ideas for new videos or just wanna connect, I’m @TomFrankly on Twitter
or you can leave a comment. Thanks!

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  3. Ellinor Silfvast says:

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    Also I would love it if you could make a video on the above topic and on how to gain general knowledge and know about everything else that may not relate to you(world politics, history, military, etc). You know, the random things. 
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