2020_ A Traveling Librarian Vlog 01

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Year 2020! A Traveling Librarian Vlog 01 I don’t plan on getting a Disney Plus Account. I don’t have the…….well I am not going to. But! From what I have read. And! Listened to some of the Plot Beats of About the Mandalorian Why does it sound! So! much Like, “Goblin Slayer”? I mean….not the whole fact that He has a helmet next thing you know gets a sidekick and this sidekick he didn’t need mean to have Well! You know, his the type to be there just to kill goblins Eventually his helmet comes off I know Disney likes to pull from Japanese stories a lot but this one the plot beats sound so much like Goblin Slayer But that’s just my opinion. Talk to you later! Glad you stopped by Pembroke Public Library District! Writing Prompts are coming! December 26, 2019 was interesting A “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse happen! The last eclipse of 2019. Thanks for staying till the end!

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