hey guys it’s Cristal and it’s that time
of year again it’s that perfect time of year at least for bookworm at least for
me it’s just that time the beginning of the year where you look forward to the
rest of the year with big eyes and you make maybe impossible goals you look at
all those upcoming releases all of the books that you have yet to read
everything that you’re excited about and I usually like to use this time of year
to set goals to make me a better reader usually I’ll try to read more or I’ll
try to diversify my reading tastes last year and the year before I set out to
read a majority of books by marginalized authors and/or about marginalized
characters I did that I’m excited about that but I also accumulated a shit ton
of books as I grabbed books as they released books that interested me add to
that the books that I already had on my shelves and the books that I already had
on my kindle most of those were not majority marginalized reads and I am
left with a shit ton of unread books so this year’s goal is to read all of those
books well not all of those because I’m not that quick of a reader originally
when I was thinking about my goal I thought that I would only read books
that I already had this year or this year I thought that I would only read
books that I already own but I wouldn’t be able to meet that goal if I’m being
honest with myself so I have come up with a compromise to get through most of
the books that I already have and by the end of the year to kind of tag on to the
fact that the past two years I was aiming for a specific percentage to meet
my goal I think I’m going to decide or I am going to decide to read at least
sixty percent books that I already have on my shelves or on my Kindle as of
today what is today January third I set my goal to read one hundred and thirty
books so if I’m doing sixty percent seventy eight of those books have to be
books that I already own books that are on my shelves or books that are on my
Kindle I have so many books that are on my Kindle so I have a total of 769 books
on my Kindle I think I created a collection of books that I hadn’t read
but that was like a couple of months ago so I don’t know how accurate it is so I
have a total of 296 unread books on my Kindle and these two shelves right here
I just organized my bookshelves all of these books are books I haven’t read and
these books up here or books I haven’t read so I have a lot of freaking books
to choose from so I can at least to read 78 of them by the end of the year and
then I’ll have 52 new releases that I can order or get from NetGalley or from
my library and I’m counting books that I borrow as looks that I don’t already
have in my possession at the moment even though I don’t know if I should count my
NetGalley books as books that I already have in my possession
you know what no I’m not gonna count them the priority is going to be to read the
books I already own specifically the books that I’ve paid my own freaking
money for so that they don’t go to waste I learned a new word recently and that
word is Tsundoku I believe I’m pronouncing it correctly Tsundoku is a Japanese
word that means according materials by then pile up in one’s home without
reading them so let’s say that my reading goal for this year is kind of a
Tsundoku recovery I need to deal with this problem that I have it’s actually
creating anxiety within myself and I think about all of the money that I’ve
spent on all of my books books that I don’t really want to get rid of because
I actually still am motivated to read them there is still an interest to read
them but I just keep buying more freaking books it’s ridiculous at this
point I know I can’t just stop cold turkey I can’t just stop buying books at
least not now maybe that’ll be next year’s reading goal but I need to read
the shit that I already spent time and money on it’s just ridiculous and it’s wasteful
and taking that personal responsibility and I’m gonna do my part this year to
try and read these books so on that note I felt like I needed to change the name
of my channel because my channel right now is called majority marginalize and
even though I’m still gonna try to read and focus on and give priority to books
that meets marginalize rep I’m actually gonna try to focus on the new books that
I buy being mainly majority marginalized with a heavy heavy focus on trying to
read more books about characters that are not able bodied I know that there’s
more representation for characters that are neuro diverse so that’s gonna be my
focus this year when I do buy new books to only buy books that feature
marginalize rep so that my percentile doesn’t drop too much but I’m babbling I’m
changing the name of this channel so that it’s not false advertising I don’t
want someone to find me and have the expectation that the majority of the
books I’m going to read and focus on and highlight and review are gonna be
majority marginalized it’s because I’m probably
gonna drop below 50% this year so I think I’ve decided to just call this
channel She Reads Every day because I’m not original and if you like this is me
and this is what this is about and I couldn’t really think of anything catchy
so that’s what it’s gonna be called and those are my goals for the year and so
that this video isn’t just me babbling on about my goals and my channel change
I am going to try to do a bookshelf tour or bookcase tour not the whole thing
because I don’t have time for that and I don’t have the patience to edit that but
I’m gonna try to do a tour of all of my unread books that are on my shelf so
that I can hold myself accountable so yeah I organized them for now so that
the books over there that go further out that way our romances that I haven’t
read yet here are my contemporary young adult books all the way on that end it
goes to my contemporary adult books going down twisting to some more
contemporary adult books until it gets to fantasy science fiction adult books
and then here are my fantasy and science fiction young adult books oh and I just
there’s a napkin right there and it’s been there this whole time all right so
here we go here are all of my unread books that are on my shelf
maybe I’ll scroll through my phone and show you guys the unread books that are
on my Kindle or maybe not because it’s kind of embarrassing you don’t need to see
all of the unread books that I have on my Kindle that’s crazy
okay so forget about the standard bookshelf tour I tried and my arm got
tired and I thought about how long it would take to edit and I just didn’t
want to deal with that so I decided to do this instead here we have my shelf
with all the romances I have yet to read that CS Pacat series I’ve had for a
while I’ve heard it’s really good but I believe probably problematic the
Christina Lauren I’ve heard is really good Collide I’ve been scared to read
some more romances my contemporary young adults and I haven’t read God so many
books that I bought that had such high recommendations and I was so excited to
read them but then I just got distracted by more new books I’ll Give You the Sun
has amazing recs I really wanted to read Signal to Noise so underrated but
I’ve heard nothing but good things The Sky is Everywhere A Monster Calls Eleanor
& Park I’ve had that one for years which one should I read which ones
should i prioritize this is another underrated one but I really loved The
Bell Jar and this is supposed to be a retelling and here we have some
contemporary adults plus The Book Thief because I couldn’t fit it anywhere else
A Place for Us highly recommended by so many people A Brief History of Seven
Killings a book about Jamaica that I really need to read The Leavers
All the Missing Girls got so much hype when it released Little Fires Everywhere
that’s on the top of my list with everything else that’s on the top of my
list and the shelf of more contemporary adults oh The Bronze Horseman I can’t
tell you how many people have recommended that book so many people I’m
just gonna stare at it some more to pressure myself to read it soon then
here we have Stephen King I need to finish that series but I’m kind of
afraid because it’s supposed to be horror that last book City of Brass so
many recs when it first released Jay Kristoff
I heard Nevernight was really good I need to finish that NK Jemisin series
look at all those VE Schwab’s and look at all those Leigh Bardugo books ah I am
the worst and need to read Obsidio I don’t know why I’m taking so long to
read it I kind of don’t want that series to finish Mirage The Storyteller
Dread Nation my friend said Dread Nation was really good I’m not sure if I’m
going to read the Mafi I said I wasn’t gonna finish that series but I can’t
make myself get rid of it oh and can you believe that
I haven’t read The Vampire Academy series because I haven’t and need to get on
that Marissa Meyer series read Akata Warrior I loved Akata Witch really need
to read Reaper at the Gates how bad is this do you have this many unread books
alright so that’s it that’s me tour those are my goals for
the year really only one specific goal I need to read 60%…60% of the books that I
read this year need to be books that I already own as of today and I’ve got a
new channel name and I’m gonna just need you guys to wish me luck because I don’t
know if I’m gonna be able to do this but definitely gonna try thank you so much
for watching this hopefully the whole editing process of my bookshelf tour
turned out okay and it wasn’t a disaster I will see you guys later bye

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  1. Besmet El Manel B says:

    I like your resolution of starting reading the books you already own and I wish you the best of lucks 🙂 You can do this!!!

  2. Vamps Rock says:

    Great goal for this year, good luck with it 🙂

  3. Sanika says:

    That book tour at the end was very relaxing. Better than most of those asmr videos. I actually prefer that style of book tour than the ones everyone does. I hope you do that for your whole bookshelf someday when you have the time and well.

  4. nylorac1984 says:

    I feel you on reading books you own. I so need to do this challenge as well. I think what I am going to do is rotate my reading, a library book or 2, then a few of my own books, then a kindle unlimited book or two. I usually have multiple books going at a time so I will try to always include a book from my own shelves. I am also freezing my tbr for a few months so that I can make it through my current want to read list. It will be a good while before I need to dawn a bookstore or browse the library. I enjoy book shopping and browsing the library, but I will just limit it while I am working on knocking down these books.

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