2018 Online Draft Book Process Overview

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Thank you for joining us for an overview
of the Online Draft Book tool. This video will guide you through all steps of
completing your 2018 performance review. This video can be used as both an
overview and as a reference. To jump to a particular part of the video, click “Show
more” below for time stamps. You can also pause and rewind this video as needed
while working along with it. Let’s start with a quick overview of how the form
moves through the system. It transitions from step to step based on a timeline or
employee or manager step completion. The forms will launch on November 30th. From
there, it will open in the planning phase which is 14 days long. This step is
simply when you and your manager acknowledge the start of the review
process. From there, the form moves to the Fourth Quarter Update step, where you
enter your PD, goals, notes from quarterly meetings, and answer some questions. Then,
your manager has 29 days to complete your evaluation. When your manager has
completed the evaluation, you can review your rating and your managers comments. You can also respond with your own comments. You and your manager have 10
days to complete this process and finalize the review. We’ll now move
through the process in a little more detail, starting from the beginning. The
Online Draft book powered by PageUp can be accessed via the link you see on this
screen, or from link within one of the email messages you receive from the
system. The PageUp system uses single sign-on; log in using your Lehigh username
and password. If prompted, disable your pop-up blocker. After logging in you’re directed to the homepage. Click on “2018 Lehigh Staff
Member Performance Review” in the green my performance reviews section. Please
read the information on the start page before proceeding. To navigate, you may
use the next button on the bottom of each screen, or you may use the
navigation bar at the top of the screen to select a particular section. Let’s
take a minute to discuss the section types in the navigation bar. Start is the
introductory page we are on now. Planning worksheet is a free-form sheet you can
use for notes or for anything you’d like. Using this is optional. Quarterly Updates
& Final Assessment is the section in which you enter your key accountabilities and goals. The Self-Assessment/ Development Plan section has a series of
questions that provide important information and feedback for your
manager. Next Steps is the acknowledgement page. Acknowledgement is
first completed to move the form beyond the planning step, which is where we are
now, then is used again at the close of the performance review. Let’s start with
the planning section. Again, this section is optional, free form, and you can use it
as you wish. To acknowledge the start of the review process, simply click Next
Steps. Now you can see I’m on the next steps page. I’m going to scroll down and
click on I acknowledge in the yellow section on the right hand side. At this point, the form is now in the
manager’s hands. They may review anything that’s been entered and also
acknowledge the form. When it’s time for the next step in the process, you’ll receive
an automatic email from the pageUp system with a link to enter. Click on the
link to your review to get started. Then, click quarterly updates and final
assessment to enter your accountabilities and goals. Let’s first update the accountabilities section. To do so, click on the Edit icon
(the pencil) and then begin typing. There is another option; the preferred option
is to upload your PD. To do this, click on the upload document button, then click
select file, search for your document, and click open. You can see my PD here and now I’m going to click Save before moving on to the next section. The same principle for
editing and for uploading applies to this goal section. The other sections
include Lehigh’s core success factors, which cannot be edited, and managerial
success factors. If you’re not a manager delete it, as I will here. Just click on the edit button and then the little trash can. Then just click OK. Now I’m finished
editing the quarterly updates/final assessment section. I’m going to move
into the self assessment development plan section to answer some questions. Answering the self-assessment questions
assists your manager in writing the review. There are several questions on
this page to edit and provide your answer, just type in the boxes. This page
saves automatically. Once you’ve completed this step, no further action is
required until your manager completes your evaluation. It should be noted that
you do have time to update this, but it will automatically move to the manager
at the close of the fourth-quarter update step, which is 60 days after the
review form is launched. From here, the form moves to the manager to complete
the final evaluation. When your manager has completed the assessment, you’ll meet in person to discuss the details of your review, then you’ll get a chance to
review it all before you sign off. To do this, click on the review and then go-to
quarterly updates and final assessment. This is where you can see your star
ratings and any of your managers comments for your accountabilities, your
goals, and success factors. You also have the option to click add comment and add
any additional comments you wish. Just click save and share when finished. You’ll also want to double-check the self assessment development plan section
to see if your manager added comments there. For example, here’s a manager
comment. Now that I’ve reviewed everything, I’m ready to sign off, and
will go to the next steps section. Here, I can see my overall rating. Then, I
will click “I acknowledge” to acknowledge the review and finalize it. And here you
see that the acknowledgement has been submitted . The manager then reviews any changes before finalizing the review. And then it’s time to celebrate that the
2018 performance review is finished! Ff you’d like to access a completed review,
you can do so in PageUp. Note that the review no longer displays here. To access
previous reviews, click about me and then performance reviews. Then filter by
the status, select the status all, then click search. Under “I want to” select “view
the report” and a printer-friendly version displays. You can either save
this or print it out by using the icons here. For additional resources and live
training options, visit the link on this screen to access the PageUp learning
library. Then, filter by type “online draft book.” Thank you for joining us today. You
can access the online draft book by visiting this link. Additional
resources are also available on the HR site under performance.

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