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hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I wanted to do a roundup of the absolute best makeup and skincare products that
I’ve tried this year I’m usually a creature of my habit of for me when I
find a really solid product I usually stick with it for a while you will see
some of my staples in this video but then we have a lot of newcomers and some
surprising ones as well that I want to share it with you before I begin thank
you again so much for watching if you’re new to the channel please don’t forget
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human connection I’m gonna start a web at the brows I feel like I really found
the perfect combination of the products that I use every single day to make this
work all of them are actually from benefit and I’m starting with using the
gimme brow this is a brow volumizing fiber gel so what it does it basically
brings a little more umph to your brow so I’ll start with that and then I’ll
use this precisely my brow pencil to just feather in some other hairs that
are missing and set it all in with the 24-hour brow setter
this is the best I literally won’t try anything else and this is the 2.5 I
usually used 2.5 and three big big fan of this product the next thing is this
Ilya what’s the proper name after midnight limitless lash mascara so Ilya
is a clean beauty brand and I tried quite a bit of different mascaras from
clean beauty brands and I have to say this is an absolute absolute best I
usually use it during the day the next one is this covergirl exhibitionist
uncensored so this is a new mascara by covergirl I’ve worked with covergirl
before they do have great products but I have to say this product surprised me so
much as I mentioned with the area is kind of a mascara that I use during the
day but then at nighttime when I want a little more poof I will go and use
things like a Chanel mascara or I’ll use like the benefit better than sex so when
they actually send me this product to try I was shocked
this is so good and it really takes your lashes to the next level and that’s a
beautiful job of just making this like poof
moments happen so exhibitionist is definitely a good name for it and
obviously very affordable you can find it at any drugstore so if you’re looking
for more of like statement mascara this is definitely one to try next product is
my RMS concealer been a favorite of mine for probably two and a half three years
this is the uncover-up and this is also a clean brand and it’s
actually what I like about it is it’s buildable so it depends kind of on what
their weak up how much my kids let me sleep at night you can do what you want
with this one I absolutely love it it’s based on coconut oil I think so it’s
very hydrating you do have to set it because it does settle in the lines
because it has a more creamy texture to it but if you set it with a setting
powder you got to go next product is this linnaeus lip sleeping mask also
been raving about it for years now honestly this totally does what it
promises to do okay another cult favorite in my books
is this dr. Harper this has literally been with me probably since I started
YouTube which was almost three years ago I think the first video that I shot I
use this and showcased it this has been a great product and it lasts for so long
this is the voluminous a lip and cheek tint and I specifically love the shade
very this is from Tata Harper Tata is also a
clean beauty brand this has been a great great way to just help to bring a little
pop of color to the lips I actually also feel like it does this like plumping
effect to the lips I also like to use it on my cheeks although I think I already
have blush perfect the next one is oh this has been honestly the best find
this year for me this is the Chanel let’s page with a pin so it’s a water
fresh tint and it is so so good Chanel I’ve had the pleasure and the
chance and the luck to work with them this year so I’ve kind of been exposed
to a lot of their products I have to say I use quite a bit of Chanel makeup
artists just because I feel like they are so good the level and the quality of
them is just phenomenal I wanted to choose my one top top product and this
is definitely it this is basically like a water form gel type of formulation but
has little bubbles of tint and them and when you apply it to your skin actually
starts like pimping the skin so what it does is it doesn’t give you this like
complete coverage but it helps blur and just make the skin look so hydrated and
so glowy I actually got so many comments about
how glowing my skin is and it’s honestly because of this then we have this dry
shampoo this is from love hair from me me and Alex icon for our friends of ours
this is also a clean product and this is a voluminous enjoyed shampoo I again
this year I feel like I haven’t really tried a lot of dry shampoos I tried a
few conventional ones and I really didn’t like it like there was one Dove
one that I got for like five dollars at Walmart it literally did nothing so I
went back to the love hair and I think this is my third bottle next product is
this kora organics wash tool this is Mei with rose quartz and this has been a
really simple but very effective tool to use especially when you want to kind of
drain and contour your face there is so many different ways for different type
of areas to help with defining sculpting it so I definitely recommend you guys if
you’re interested in this too look online there’s a lot of tutorials let me
know if you would like me to shoot a tutorial about it it’s been great I’ve
been traveling with it a lot I also use it on pressure points like when my neck
and shoulders it’s actually really really multi-purpose I’m gonna send out
right now okay video now I’m going to show you
guys some newcomers that I’ve showcased here and there on my IG but I felt like
they deserve a space in this video so the first one which really surprised me
is this deodorant it actually is called the best deodorant and it’s by bewell
company and I have to say that I didn’t expect it to actually work when I first
tried it it was like it’s very watery it’s a spray for the day when I go to
the office you know do my thing this is perfect I’ve been a big fan so
definitely deserve a spot on my new comer best products for this year the
next product is something that I’ve been changing habits too and it’s kind of
getting into a more sustainable lifestyle a little less waste where I
can and this is one of the changes that I’ve made I started using these reusable
makeup pads which I use also to take off nail polish makeup and I have to say
I’ve been really happy and I can’t imagine how much for simple money
how much waste I avoided by using these instead of the regular cotton ones this
has been a really great product price-wise and also environmentally
friendly so highly recommend you guys you can make a small little change this
year is try to incorporate these into your beauty routine and these are super
easy I have like a little bag in my bathroom where if I’ll use one I’ll put
it there and then I throw that bag it’s like a MASH bag throw it into the
washing machine and it just cleans the pads and done ok the next one
I’ve been really enjoying lately it’s by la lean and this is a body oil frozen
pear first of all I like the fact that it’s really quick you basically just
spray it all over your body you massage it really fast and you’re out the door
for me I think that obviously hydrating is very important but sometimes the time
that it takes to actually put creams and like rub them in I’m over it so to avoid
that cracked skin that is bound to happen in this winter time I wanted to
find an easier solution this smells so good that I actually don’t have to use
any other perfume or anything so I am a big fan of it and I’ve been using it
kind of religiously for the past month and a half and it’s really good with the
amount of product that still is in this bottle so it’s gonna last me a long time
and then I have this pie rosehip cleansing oil to take off makeup I used
to use the cocoa kind which is also great but I actually found this to be
much much easier and better and just softer too much for my skin so this is
the oil that I use to cleanse and take off my makeup okay guys from a company
called nécessaire and they are a body care company they have shampoos and
creams and to me I have to say that my favorite product of theirs is the body
exfoliator and eucalyptus scent it is so easy to use in the shower
I really love the smell it feels luxurious it feels like I’m exfoliating
my skin but without the harsh kind of scratching that sometimes these scrubs
feel like it has charcoal in it like the acids acrylic acid sound wrong
anyways it’s good it’s great I love it hmm this is a Laura Mercier and this is
my newest little love the color is beautiful I usually do go for more of
the red kind of shades but especially now in the wintertime just for that
natural little hint of color this is so perfect and actually used it on my eyes
as well and I’m a big fan I don’t want to talk anymore I need to do a quarter
there was so much talking in this video thank you so much watching us accent hi
guys thank you so much for watching the video let me know what was your all-time
favorite beauty products this year and if you want to check some other Beauty
content check out a day in the life model edition

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