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You are watching The Book Club! Every Wednesday we handpick the best books to improve your life. Welcome to! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired! If you’re not subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Welcome back Aluxers for another video made by our pretty awesome team here, at We think that today is a great day to learn more about how you can be a lot more interesting as a person. So, today we’re taking a look at 15 books that will make you a more interesting person. But, what makes for an interesting person?! Interesting people are true to themselves and they never hold back regardless of who they are with, wherever they are or whatever they are doing. They have incredible experiences, pretty much all the time, amazing friends, a vision for their life, the ability to tell a story well, they are able to hold a conversation about pretty much any topic and so much more. Lucky for you guys we made a video on how to be a more interesting person, you can check it out in the top right corner or in the end screen. Some of these books you’ve seen featured on our channel and some are new but we guarantee that they will aid in doing exactly what the title says. Starting off with a book that describes an experiment where H. D. Thoreau, wanted to see if he could truly isolate himself from others and survive by eliminating all the superfluous luxuries, living a totally plain, simple life. He details this 2-year experiment as a personal discovery of a new way of living consciously, in a more thoughtful, introspective spirit. It’s a fantastic read relevant for anyone interested in discovery through minimalism. This could be a perfect lecture while you’re doing your morning run or workout and to make it easier for you, just to go, sign up if it’s your first time you can get instant access to the book for free all thanks to our awesome friends at Audible. This is another timeless classic that somewhat paradoxical and wonderful at the same time where the hero travels the world, observing horror after horror and taking them on a cheerful stride. Candide explains that the lives we’re currently living aren’t the best options of all possible worlds, but the best possible under the circumstances. Reading about the difficulties Candide went through as he becomes disenchanted by these self-important philosophies, coupled with just how fascinating a person he was will greatly benefit you in your journey of living a more interesting life. Very few books have enticed as much controversy since their inception as The Prince has. This book is about building and maintaining power, along with the virtues and qualities that make a good ruler. For over 500 years, the prince has offered an all encompassing education of men in power and the common traits, motives and struggles which have portrayed leaders from Roman emperors to modern-day presidents. It’s definitely a book that will make you rethink the life you want to create and how power will play a role in it. In this simple book, labeled by the New York Times as a ‘’landmark contribution to humanity’s understanding of itself’’ Haidt reveals to you the key to understanding the miracle of human cooperation as well as the sorrow of our eternal divisions and conflicts. The righteous mind, is mainly about politics, along with religion and talks about the moral judgments we make which are rooted not in reason or facts, but in the gut and emotions. It’s a great little lesson about how you can trade your anger for understanding, which the author believes that it’s more necessary now more than ever before. With exciting illustrations and profound imagination, Hawking aims to explain, in this book, complex cosmology to people with no scientific background, but who are interested in the existence of the Universe, the existence of humans, along with other similar curiosities including time travel, black holes, and antimatter. Mixing the rigor of a genius scientist with the expressive talent of a masterful storyteller, a brief history of time discusses the forces that created the universe and the laws which govern it in a simple language that will make you wiser and at least 5 times smarter than you were before picking up the book. Most of you have heard of Viktor Frankl’s remarkable memoir, but if there’s any of you out there who haven’t heard or read it yet, allow us to amaze you for a minute. Man’s Search for Meaning is the autobiography of a man who spent World War 2 in 4 concentration camps, one of which was the most horrifying and harrowing of all, Auschwitz. There he noticed that, even though every prisoner was subjected to the same inhumane treatment, the ones who were able to survive were the ones who had a purpose to fulfill. He argues that even in normal life, we cannot avoid suffering, but if our life is driven by meaning, and not by pleasure or other incentives, then we can persevere and move forward with our purpose anew. This is a truly inspiring book that pays tribute to hope in the face of unimaginable loss and has emerged as a true classic. This book is literally, one of those extremely rare gems, that has become an overnight success, selling in its first week 1.1 million copies and has won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize. Crazy right?! Lee tells the story of a lawyer who agrees to defend a black man who’s been accused of raping a white woman. It’s quite the fascinating story that takes place in Alabama, US, and told through the perspective of the lawyer’s young daughter. To Kill a Mockingbird is a sensitive, dramatic and deeply moving story that takes readers to the roots of human behavior, to innocence and experience, love and hatred, kindness and cruelty, humor and pathos. This book takes inspiration from history, psychology and compelling storytelling to reshape the way you think of the world around you. David and Goliath helps you understand that nothing is too big for you to handle. It’ll pretty much give you the superpower to see things as they are, and not focus on the difficulties or circumstances, allowing you to look inward for the ‘’giant’’ within. The book urges people to understand that in their life they are the ‘’big deal’’ and not the negative circumstances. It’s an ideal read for people who worry about things and are not looking at their life experiences as they should, but if you want to see for yourself go to and sign up, if it’s your first time you’ll get the audiobook version for free. Thanks to our partners at Audible. This novel comes directly as an inspiration from the author’s experience in World War 1. It’s one of the most brutal writing to ever make its way into the world of American literature and also, one of Hemingway’s greatest works. A farewell to Arms is an exploration of war horrors and the power of human emotion. Considering war, love, and death is at every turn in this novel, it shows that this life can be adventurous and keep you on your toes in many ways. Hemingway is one of those people helped shape the world and deserves to have his work reach as many people as possible. Fear nothing! That’s the main concept of this amazing book by Curtis Jackson and Robert Green. This might be a little different than the previous recommendations but it’s really good!! The authors present a comprehensive, honest account of how he rose to fame. Whatever your circumstances in life, whatever the hand that fate has dealt you, there is an outstanding change that you can relate to the story of this rapper, who despite the lack of opportunity, managed to turn every setback, every challenge into a huge win for himself. You can find out a little more about him before you start reading the book if you go to our dedicated video, by clicking on the top right corner. As you probably expect this book lists out the 48 ways to build power. Robert Green was hailed as the ‘’modern Machiavelli’’ and he has distilled 3000 years of history in order to write these laws based on the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Carl Von Clausewitz and from the lives of figures ranging from Henry Kissinger to P.T. Barnum. Written in a bold and straightforward manner, the 48 laws of power will be the ideal read for you if your aim is conquest, self-defense, or simply to have a solid grasp on the rules of the game. It takes quite a long time to read and apply each law properly but all will be worth it, not to mention it’ll help you become, way, way more confident in any future interactions. This book attempts to bridge the generation gap with enduring insights into the birth development and destiny of a nation while revealing that the eternal narrative of national unity and progress is a smoke screen disguising the ceaseless conflict between elites and the masses whom they oppress and exploit. A people’s history of the united states may open your mind to new interpretations of our past filling some blanks in your American history knowledge. Keep in mind that, even though modern history isn’t taught with the same conservative inclination, part of understanding what this book has to offer is understanding why it was written in the first place. Ok, first let’s talk about the elephant in the room to clear things up. The Q in the title is actually the pronunciation of 9 in Japanese ‘’K Y U,’’ kyu. So, basically it’s 1984 but since this title was already taken by Orwell, Murakami had to improvise. Also, being the author’s most ambitious undertaking to date it’s a pretty incredible love story full of mystery, fantasy, self-discovery and a dystopian setting fit to rival Orwell’s 1984 classic. This novel attempts to expose the delicacy of the webs that separate love from probable encounters, the kind from the wicked, and reality from the dream-like stasis that people in the modern world exist in. Although the title may sound somewhat harsh, the book is meant to point out our irrational nature as humans, by combining science and psychology with humor and wit. McRaney explains that every decision we made so far in our lives that we thought was rational was actually based on a series of underlying biases and preconceived notions that were formed throughout our lives and some started when we were little kids. Chapters like ‘learned helplessness, selling out, and the illusion of transparency provide a glimpse into the human mind in all its glory and madness. The author wrote anticommunist novel in 1948 to envision what 1984 would look like in London; a totalitarian state where “Big Brother,” the government, was always watching you and telling you what to think and believe. Some of his predictions became a reality, like cameras being everywhere and our bodies being scanned for weapons, and it’s quite scary because a lot of people think that the book is more relevant today than it ever was. Orwell’s vision of an omnipresent and ultra-repressive State is rooted in the ominous world events of his own time, post world war 2, and is given shape and substance by his sharp play on our own fears. Well, there you have it Aluxers, the 15 books that will make you a more interesting person. Some of the books here you’ve heard of before and you probably even read some, but we’re really curious to know; We’ll be right there with you in the comments to see what you have to say. And, hold on, don’t leave just yet. We still have a bonus for those of you who still stuck around ‘til this point. Here it is; This book is an extraordinary work of art filled with pure excitement, according to a New York Times reviews, and those who’ve read the book or seen the movies can attest to that. The Lord of the Rings follows the story of Frodo Baggins, a young hobbit who sets out to destroy the ring of power made by the Dark Lord Sauron before he gets the chance to use it for evil. Starting from quiet beginnings in The Shire, Frodo’s home, the story ranges across Middle-earth and follows the courses of the War of the Ring exploring many themes along the way. Thank you for spending some time with us Aluxer. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video. If you want more we handpicked these videos you might enjoy or head over to for the best in fine living content on the planet. Be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story.

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    3) Outliers x Malcolm Gladwell
    4) The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck x Mark Manson
    5) GRIT x Angela Duckworth
    6) GANDHI An Autobiography
    7) FLOW x Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
    8) The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People x Stephen Covey
    9) Born A Crime x Trevor Noah
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    23) A Beginner's Guide To The Stock Market x Matthew Kratter
    24) I Will Teach You To Be Rich x Ramit Sethi
    25) Man's Search For Meaning x Victor Frankl
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    3. The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde
    4. Totem and Taboo – Sigmund Freud
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