12 Tips for booking a Hotel


Hello welcome to hindsight 101 where you’ll learn helpful
things that will help you in everyday life so if you want to know the 12 most important
things you need to know before booking a hotel keep watching how I know I used to work at
a hotel so I have the inside scoop stop before you go to one of those discount sites by Travelocity
Expedia check out the hotel site first times the price we just just the same for cheaper
with these discount sites there could be hidden these things that you don’t know about that
will make your travel experience so great second you just booking a regular room and
call the one 800 reservation line and you’ll be fine but if you want to negotiate rates
you need to call the hotel directly because a lot of times the reservations baseball or
script very strict rules that they cannot break so negotiating with them for discounts
is pointless what you want to do is get in touch with the hotel ensure you’re talking
to them and they don’t transfer you to the one 800 number some places have in-house reservations
so the larger resorts and things like that but most of them are to send you off to a
call center so always talk to the front desk because they think a little more leeway because
they’re actually in the building and are not following the script third know that nothing
is guaranteed so when you book a room you want a king-size bed only thing the hotel
is obligated to give you is a room with the Betsy get a single you get so what you want
to do is call ahead and find out if they’re going to be sold out after going to be sold
out you have some negotiating power to sell your flight will get into midnight will of
course most people to check in before you so you can call and said are you going to
be sold out if they say yes you can offer to say why willing to go to another hotel
because there were an essential one anyways but I need certain things I need breakfast
I need my parking pay for I need a taxi to the hotel whatever it is at that point that
you have negotiating power lasting that front desk agent wants to do is when someone gets
there late at night and say we sold your room will have to send you some rep someplace else
even though they tried their best call and informed guess that they may not have a room
sometimes sometimes people get a home number instead of their cell phone number so it’s
hard to contact someone until they get their and they get the bad news so always call ahead
and find out what the situation is like the hotel you can be better prepared for and a
lot of people always tell you this but it’s all personal choice tip always to if you only
tipping a dollar I’m not saying that’s gonna get you the world but you always get more
tipping and with it if you worried about extra charges to your room movies or water or anything
like that a lot of hotels once you check in just tell them you want with a call incidentals
you want them turned off and they can turn off the movies they can turn off the long-distance
phone calls and different things like that with the water a trick that I do is ask them
to take the water out one thing is just make sure a note on the accounts you have record
of it a lot of times housekeeping will come in as they don’t see water their ill charging
so just make sure you have some back of record just in case the hotel charges you for water
you asked to take out six check your bill often every day every hour it’s up to you
don’t wait until you check out and find out you have all these miscellaneous charges you
never knew about because once you get to the desk every tons of people wanting to check
out and at that point at the worst situation you want to be in so make sure you check your
bill as much as possible at least once a day seven district may not work with every hotel
but hey it’s worth a shot the city someone so most most hotels have at least a 24 hour
cancellation policy is what you do if you know you’re not to make it that night or you
simply just forgot you made the reservation it’s a lot easier to change the reservation
and cancel it so change it one or two days ahead and a lot of times the hotel will be
accommodating here comes the play where I said call the hotel and not the reservations
reservations will probably hold you to it but if you call the hotel they may be a little
more flexible bill change it and then you call back the next day cancel if need be so
just little hidden tip may not work but it’s worth a try eight is gonna be a little harder
to explain were to talk about holds and how they work you have a hold on a credit card
you have a hold on a debit card which you want to do is always use a credit card and
here’s why so when you go to the hotel you go to check in and you swipe your credit card
say euros hundred dollars a night and you’re staying for five nights as can be $500’s automatically
the hotel is going to hold $500 on your credit card so here’s another thing incidentals incidentally
movies breakfast water anything outside of your room that could be another hundred dollars
they hold each day for those incidentals that you might pay so all all of the top they’re
going to hold 500 for your room and 500 for your incidents that the thousand dollars they’re
putting on your credit card right then and there when you check-in and it’s a whole because
if you go out and do any shopping or anything else the hotel once to make sure they’re going
to get their money now when you check out in your bill is only $750 that charges going
to go through in the hundred thousand dollars will drop all so you always want to make sure
use a credit card because if user debit card and you have the thousand dollar hold the
money in your checking account could’ve been used to pay bills but instead it’s tied up
at the moment with this hotel fee is hotel chart now there are situations where you can
get that whole taken off it all depends on how nice the hotel is because remember that
whole ones that hold is put on their how long it’s on your card is up to your credit card
or bank it’s not up to the hotel it out of their hands so if you asked him nicely and
they’re willing to do it have them write something on their letterhead stating that they will
not charge anything against that thousand dollar hold and they have to fax it to the
credit card or the bank and then the bank hopefully will take it off and you get that
removed right away it’s worked for me in the past so give it a shot number nine is about
taxes and you know the old saying only guaranteed death and taxes and certainly guarantee the
taxes with the hotel’s sales tax city tax County taxes use tax is occupancy tax leisure
tax lot different names but they’re going to be a lot of taxes put on to your room as
high as 20% of which are total cost of the room is so keep that in mind when you go in
you get that $79 rate that’s going to deck to jump up to 100 hundred and 25 depending
on the types of taxes that hotel charges number 10 is kind of a three-part if the basics that
I need to know I call the hotel and find out about them first when I went to was parking
is it free or is there a charge and then I would go on Google and see if there’s any
if they fit in there is a charge that is a place close by secondly I want to find out
about Internet still to this day and age especially sometime to go to poor countries they do charge
for Internet then you want to know is that wireless are hardwired especially if you’re
working for business and you you need a reliable connection you want hardwired it a lot of
places a lot of my places don’t have very reliable Wi-Fi have been to quite a few and
lastly you want to know about his room servant room service open 24 hours if it’s not what
are the hours if they don’t have room service, restaurants for delivery places are around
because the last thing you want to do at midnight when you get in is try to hunt for food or
find out that there is no food and you have to wait until the morning number 11 is the
easiest just sign up for the rewards I know it may be a hassle I know you may think all
I’m willing to stay one time and never come back you want to sign up for the rewards because
I’ve been caught before where I did the guy was in a state again and then brought the
rest of the year I stayed six or seven times and I lost a few reservations I could’ve used
all my rewards are always sign up keep it in your back pocket as you never know what
you might get from you a lot of time when you say you get free nights get points to
buy things many different benefits that will help you room upgrades you can get that if
you’re if you remember sometimes so it’s always good to have number 12 is kind of a bonus
if you give me just be nice if you have a problem at least give the hotel a chance to
fix it before you decide to get upset and start yelling they want to make sure your
needs are met but if they mess up and then it’s time to get angry because kind of like
high school if you’re that angry irate guests everyone in the hotel you know what and you
might get blacklisted when I mean by that is yes you are definitely going to get treated
very well as any other guest but you may not get any extras thank you for watching and
if you got what you saw was helpful we should subscribe to find out more about hindsight
101 and other things that you can learn

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