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– What are you doing with your hair? – Just like, pulled it up a bit. – You look like you’re in Bewitched. (laughs) – I like it. – Some people say I look like me dad. (laughs) (loud beep) – Hey guys, welcome to another episode of the Banging Book Club. Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo! I have with me my dear friends
Leena Norms and Lucy Moon. – Hello.
– Guys. – Do you want me to do your bit? – No, I’m just really
stressed out right now. (laughs) – Okay, I’m gonna say something
and you fill in the blanks. – Thanks, Leena. – This month, we read…
(laughs) – Men Are From Mars, Women
Are From Venus by John Gray. – You can listen to the
podcast by clicking… – The link in the description. – We’re just gonna give
you a brief overview of what’s in the book,
starting with Hannah. – So, there are these Martians… (laughs) – Never mind, starting with Leena. Sexism, a self help guide. How to live with it and just continue. (laughing)
– Oh my God, this is amazing. – A summary of this book is that there are a bunch of Martians that
live on the planet Mars and there are a bunch
of Venusians that live on the planet Venus and
they get super depressed. And then one day, they find each other and they fall in love and their depression is lifted and they move to Earth together. But then they realize
that they speak different languages and they don’t get on and all of their marriages are about to fail. But then you read this book and then all of the marriages work again. But you just have to remember that your significant other is
from a different planet to you and then everything will be okay. (laughs) – 15 million people
bought this in the 90’s. (laughing) – What’s your input, Lucy? – My input is that this book is wrong. (everyone laughs) It’s just fundamentally very wrong. – It is a cultural milestone, though. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – This is what, I think,
part of the reason we wanted to read it was to really find
out what was in it because it’s something that we always
reference or we talk about. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – We’re like, it’s like men are from Mars. – Yeah. – Also, you say the book is wrong but this is something we discuss on the podcast. We think the book is wrong, but it still helped lots of people. – [Both] Does that make it right? – Yeah. – Does that make those people wrong or… – Yeah. Yeah, on the podcast, we talk
about whether it’s possible to write a helpful book even if
you still believe that gender isn’t a performance, it’s
genuinely a scientific thing. Does that make any sense? – Yeah.
– Yeah, I think so. – I know what you mean. – My brain’s gone to mush. – It is 10pm as we film this. – It’s probably ’cause you’re a Venusian. – Yeah, and Venusians… – And you’re stuck with
different emotions. – We think just with emotions. – And your life is like
a tepid wave system and you’re just sitting in this well. That is genuinely one of the analogies. – I feel like when he was
talking about the wave, he was just describing
the menstrual cycle. – Yeah, I was like…
(laughs) – And I was like… – He’s insisting they
don’t sync up and that PMS is when you’re out of sync with yourself. (laughs) Good things, we should
start with some good because in case John
finds us on his soo-pi-ot. Sorry, John.
(laughs) – I laughed out loud a lot. – Do you have Wi-Fi on your soo-pi-ot? No, I’m sorry. – During this book, I laughed a lot. – Yeah.
– At it. – Out of irony, yeah.
– Yeah, at it. – Okay. – It made me laugh in a sad way. – I got through it by imagining… ‘Cause Bridget Jones
reads this book, right? She references it in the book, Bridget Jones’s Diary,
and also in the film. – Ahhh. – And I got through it by imagining Bridget Jones reading it. (laughs) And then worrying about it and
reacting to it and trying to get on with Mark Darcy in this
way and him being like, no. – I read it like I was
reading a text for uni, like I had to critically exam it. I did not read it ’cause I wanted to. I tried to read it in bed in the morning with a cup of tea and some brioche. – It wasn’t a relaxing read. – No, I actually went and then edited for five hours to procrastinate
reading this book. (laughs) I think that shows. – It was kind of like being in year five and being handed a ration
book from World War One and being like, well that was interesting. Is that what you lived off intellectually? Oh!
(laughs) How hard would that be? – Your year five self had the
brains of like a big animal. (laughs) – A big animal? – I’m tired.
(laughing) – Do you wanna read the 101 ways to score points with a woman? – Oh man, okay.
– Oh, yeah. – Should we just pick random ones? – Yeah.
– So we get some best bits. – You read them out and me
and Lucy’ll go, yes or no. – Pick a number.
(gasps) – We’ll just make a man score with me. – Pick a number.
– 69. – 69, classic Lucy. (laughs)
I just lost the page. A 101 ways to score points
with a woman challenge. Keep the bathroom floor clean and dry it after taking a shower. (laughing loudly) – What? (laughs loudly) If someone does that, I’m
like, basic human decency. – I’m like pterodactyl laughing. (laughs loudly) Seven, seven, seven, seven. – Plan a date several days in
advance rather than waiting for Friday night and asking
her what she wants to do. – That would score points
with me, but not in a weird, convoluted way like it does in this book. In a way like, oh, you’re a nice person. – It’s just like making plans. – If you can’t plan three days in advance, you were literally never
go on a date with me. (laughs) I am very busy. – 41. – Learn her favorite
drinks so you can offer her a choice of the ones that
you know she already likes. (laughs) – That feels weird, like you’re dating. – This is so basic. – Malibu and coke or old rosé? (laughs) – Old rosé? – Old Rosie, old rosé
is just a stomach bug. (laughs) – 92, org– (laughs) – Oh, God. (laughing) Was that orgasm, or no? – No.
– No, no, it’s just… – What has John got to say? Lay it on us. – Organize and prepare a picnic. Brackets, remember to
bring a picnic cloth. (laughs) – Oh wow, is that a necessity? – Point score, John, you
would get a point for that. I love a good picnic blanket. – Would you normally get
a point without a cloth? – You get minus points if you
forget the picnic blanket. – 101. – Ohhh.
(gasps) – I wanna know the last thing
that’ll get you a point. – The final one.
(laughs) – Oh, God. – Leave the bathroom seat down. – There are a lot of specific
instructions in this. – How old is John, 64, I think? So 64. ♫ Will you still need me,
will you still feed me – No, fuck off. ♫ When I’m 64 – No, no.
– No. – Buy some good superglue to
fix things that are broken. (laughs) – Like your relationship? – Like your crumbling masculinity. (laughing) – When it comes to like doing stuff, there’s like, offer to– – Doing it, some would say. – Yeah.
– Pre-order on Amazon today. – Thanks, guys. It says offer to drive
a car on long trips. Offer to fix something,
offer to sharpen the knives, offer to change light bulbs,
offer to carry groceries, offer to carry heavy boxes. – It’s just being nice. – Offer to fix something around the house. Say, “What needs to be fixed ’round here?” “I have some extra time.” Don’t take on more than you can do. – I would literally throw
somebody out of the house who was like, whips out
a hammer, he’s like, so what needs to be fixed around here? – Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah! – Unless they were a stripper I had hired. – I’m also worried I’m flashing my butt. Can you check if I’m flashing my butt? – No, you’re good. – Last time, I flashed everything. – You did.
(laughs) – You don’t remember, with
surprise fiance dance party? (coughs)
– You did! – People seemed more
confused than enthralled by that performance,
but I quite enjoyed it. – Oh my God, this is my favorite. This is a running piece of advice that John Gray gave to men
throughout this book. Which is, when listening
to her, reassure her that you are interested by
making little noises like, “ah-huh,” “uh-huh,” “oh,”
“mm-hmm,” and “hmm.” (laughs) – Why does he list the noises? Men aren’t socially inept. – Say to me those three little words. Uh-huh, mmm, ohhh. (laughing) I love you, they’re the words! – Next month, guys, after this
horrible, horrible month… But please listen do listen
to the podcast because… – It’s our funniest podcast, even if you haven’t read the book. – We think it’s funny. – We are very funny in this one. (laughs) – You could also find out what my first child is gonna be called. (laughs)
– Oh, no, no, no, no. – Oh my God, it’s so good,
it’s so good, it’s so good. – Next month, guys, we’re
going in a completely different direction and we’re reading
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. December’s book was picked
and voted for by you guys on Twitter and we are going to be reading How To Build A Girl by
Caitlin Moran in December. – Woo! – So, woo, woo, woo!
(cheers) Get ready for that! – White women, white women! – If you’ve made your own
video responses discussing any of the Banging Book Club
books, then Tweet them at us using #BangingBookClub and I
can add them to the playlist. We have a GoodReads page, we
have the iTunes podcast and you can go subscribe and leave
us nice reviews and ratings. That’d be great.
– Yeah! – Yum, yum, yum in the tum. (laughs)
– Yummy. – What’s happening? – I love swallowing a good compliment. – Leena was just rubbing her belly. – Also, I don’t think I’ve seen Leena this whole podcast, ’cause
I’ve been leaning forward. – Oh, well there you go, guys. – [Both] Hey! – Thank you guys for watching. Please give the video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it and just let us know in the
comments what you thought of or think of this book,
whether or not you’ve read it. Please don’t read it, don’t bother. – Yeah, please don’t buy it. – Do not bother. – I’m recycling my copy after this video. – Thank you guys for watching
and I’ll see you soon. Bye! – [Both] Bye! (upbeat music) (children cheering)

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  4. George Simmonett says:

    Wait, Leena, so gender is a 'performance' that is in no way rooted in science/biology? Femininity and masculinity are just learned, performed behaviours? So if I – a reasonably masculine man – all of a sudden wanted to be feminine tomorrow, I'd be able to pull it off easily, because all gender is just an act, right? I could make my deep voice high, my deep laugh musical and girlish, I could sit in a feminine way with my legs crossed, I could toss my hair, and so on, and people would be utterly convinced?

    Or would THAT part be the act, but my actual gender be something utterly natural and psychologically deep-rooted? Something that I simply could not change, in spite of my best efforts to 'perform' my way out of it?

    By the same token, why is it that you, Hannah, and Lucy are feminine? Is it because you choose to be, is it because you're performing, is it because the patriarchy has determined that you must be? Or is it simply because that's the way you are; because you just happen to have the essential, innate quality of femininity?

    Dress-up and roles are one thing, but actual gender is fucking real. We are biologically programmed to experience it in ourselves and to notice it in others.

    Stop chatting shite.

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    I think, when assessing a source of information, it's not enough to consider what is true; you also need to consider what is useful. It's a recurrent trend in science that one will use a scientific conclusion to develop a device that will reveal that conclusion to be mistaken. It was always mistaken, but that did not matter, because it was useful.

    Eratosthenes was the first human being who figured out that the world was round. He began with the notion that the Earth was flat before carrying out studies that led him to the conclusion that there was a curvature to the Earth's surface that just happened to be so slight as to defy detection by any but the finest feats of observation. "The Earth is flat," was not true, per se, but was useful as a starting point.

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    However, what really made me change my mind is when I scrolled to the very bottom of all the comments and found that the critical comments could no longer be viewed. Is this really a channel that doesn't allow any dissenting voices to be heard? Let's see long how my comment stays up.

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    I did a quick scroll of the comments and I didn't see anyone else mention the same so I must be alone on this one. I just really want to see Lucy contributing more! If anyone reads this (especially Hannah, Lucy or Leena) I hope I haven't come across as too negative, I was hoping to be constructive. I know tone doesn't always come across well on here. xx

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    Gender is a genuinely scientific thing. If it isnโ€™t then you cannot justify the existence of transgender people. Obviously, they exist so gender must also be genuinely scientific. Not to say this book sounds like itโ€™s ACTUALLY good, but to suggest this is just patently wrong.

  96. John Gunnerek says:

    Hannah is adorable like a bustier Emma Watson and funny as well, her boyfriend is a lucky guy

  97. Mikayla Grubbs says:

    There are very few times I laugh out loud at videos. V E R Y F E W. and I'm wheezing in a silent car with my family looking at me strangely

  98. ุฑู‡ู Rahaf says:

    Seven seven seven๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  99. Kyle A. Amador says:

    The lady in the middle is absolutely stunning!….

  100. Brooke Anderson says:

    I got pissed off watching them๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ
    There are FEMININE and MASCULINE roles. The book is just dissecting what they look like. They seem more like feminists so of course they arenโ€™t going to care whatโ€™s in the book.

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