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– [Interviewer] What
is your favorite book? – That’s a hard question,
I don’t even read books. So I don’t know. (playful music) – [Interviewer] So I’m
assuming you can read? – Yes, very well. – Yes. – [Interviewer] What
is your favorite book? – Oh, favorite book,
I’ve been reading this new series called
“Changers,” it’s really good. – Right now I’m into a
“Nancy Drew Diary” series. – “Little House On The Prairie.” – “Falling Up.” – I like the special edition ones. – “Magic Tree House.” – I read it 100 times. – [Interviewer] Wow. – Probably. – “Diary Of a Wimpy Kid.” – [Interviewer] There’s
many editions, which– – Oh, “The Getaway.” – “Captain.” – “Captain.” – “Captain Underpants.” – “The Booger Boy.” – I’m on number four,
I think, I’m not sure if I can remember the name of that. – [Interviewer] How many have you read? – All of them. – I would say– – “Green Eggs and Ham.” – “Green Eggs and Ham.” – “Cat In the Hat.” – “Cat In the Hat.” – “One Fish, Two Fish.” – “Red Fish, Blue Fish.” – “The Footbook” by– – Dr. Seuss. – I’m not really into books like that so. – [Interviewer] What’s your favorite book? – I don’t have a favorite book. – It’s usually the “Harry Potter” books. – The first and the second. – I am just starting the third. – Maybe number one because
it says, “Shut up.” And then, “Who the bloody hell.” (giggling) – Well it is all about
demons and stuff, but. – “Narnia.” – “Miss Yes Lewis.” – “Two Towers.” – [Interviewer] What’s that? – Book two of “Lord Of the Rings.” – [Interviewer] Have you seen the movie? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Which one was
better; the book or the movie? – The book is probably better. – I feel like if they put
everything from the book into the movie it would
have been a lot longer. So they cut a ton of stuff
out which makes me sad. – “Charlotte’s Web.” – “Tarzan.” – “Spiderman.” – “Lion King.” – “Hello Kitty” book. – “Elmo.” – “Moana.” – “Alphabet.” – “Curious George.” – [Interviewer] Do you
read it or does somebody read it to you? – My Mom or my Grandma reads it. – Yeah, my Mom and my Dad. – My sister read it to me. – [Interviewer] Do you ever read? – Once in a while I guess. – Whenever I have time. – [Interviewer] What
is your favorite book? – I don’t know how to read books and I don’t really read books. – Hmm. – I don’t really like to read. – Cookbooks. – Coloring books. – Unicorn books. – Dinosaur books. – A dragon one. – I read “Bob” books. – [Interviewer] Bog? – “Bob” books, they
help you learn to read. – It’s like the better
version of like comics. – Yes but then my Mom like, “You’re reading books
with too much pictures.” I’m like, “Okay, I’ll
just read this book then.” – [Interviewer] What
is your favorite book? – Uh, “Elephant and Piggy.” – “Elephant and Piggy.” – “Elephant and Piggy.” I like “Dog Man.”
– “Dog Man.” “Dog Man.” – [Interviewer] Oh my God (laughing). All right. Is that like a thing he does or– – Hello, Dog Man, I like
the book with Dog Man. – [Interviewer] What’s your favorite book? – My Nana got me it, and
it’s like “Ketchup Face and Skunk Breath” or something like that. – [Interviewer] Chapter
book or a picture book? – Hmm, chapter book. – My favorite book is “Rain Rain.” – “Fancy Nancy” is my favorite. – “Who Took the Cookie
From the Cookie Jar.” – That one’s a good one. – “Narwhal.” – “Unicorn of the Sea.” – “Uni the Unicorn.” – “The Book With No Pictures.” – I like “What is I’m a
Robot” but it isn’t a robot. – “Jama Time.” – [Interviewer] “Pajama Time.” – “Pete the Cat.” – “David.” – “Sunflower.” – My “Paw Patrol” one. – [Interviewer] “Paw Patrol” one? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Do your
parents read books to you? – Hm-hmm. – [Interviewer] You probably
have a favorite, don’t you? – Not really. – “A Goose Won’t Ride the Bike.” – I like “The Warrior” series. – “Dragon Breath.” – “The Magic Hat.” – “The Never Girls.” – [Interviewer] What
are “The Never Girls?” – I think they go on adventures. – “Land of Stories, the Wishing Spell.” – “The Giver.” – “The Alchemist.” – [Interviewer] Did you read
that for school or for fun? – Oh, for fun and school. – “Calvin and Hobbes” if you
really count that as a book. – “House of Secrets,” actually,
okay that’s a hard one. I’m just gonna say that for now. – [Interviewer] Are you
still into Dr. Seuss or are you too old for that now? – What is that? – [Interviewer] Dr. Seuss,
like “The Cat In the Hat?” – I’m too old for that. – [Interviewer] Um. I don’t know, “Spaghetti with a Chance of Meatballs,”
what do you like? – Yes “Spaghetti with
a Chance of Meatballs.”

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