$100 Fake Macbook Air/Pro 2017 Clone – The $100 Budget Laptop Good for Gaming? Review


hey guys and welcome to the video in this parcel is a brand-new not appear for only a hundred dollars yes a fully functional laptop with a price tag of one hundred dollars and in this video we’ll see how functional practical this hundred-dollar phone actually years will try to find some key differences from the original macbook and see if it’s able to handle games and basic web browsing and see if it’s actually worth the price starting with the unboxing inside the box you’ll find a brand new laptop user manual with some basic information on how to get started and some details about all the ports and everything and we have a very cheap our doctor this one is a type-a for us but if you live in the UK or anywhere else in the world they usually change the accessories before shipping it out so you’ll get something that works in your country other than that it’s a five-hour power doctor which is pretty common so for whatever reason if it stops working you should be able to find another one for pretty cheap one complete I do have this power doctor is how short the wire is for most situations you won’t be able to use the power doctor without an extension cable and why is not really that expensive so I don’t know why they would try to cut down on calls from small things like this but anyways use the macbook is advertised as a full and medium body but the entire shell is made out of plastic the only a medium part i found was the bottom cover before the price i would really complete his slight way we said about 2.5 grams and measures at one point six centimeters from the tickets area without their big rubber feet as your place six centimeters from the tennis part of the laptop on the right side we have a SD card reader or USB 2.0 a mini HDMI port a regular just a mini-hdmi and all the other side we have our power input another USB 2.0 our battery indicator of headphone jack and this hole right here should be the building microphone so definitely not a lot of crazy ports but for most part it should have all the parts you ever need in fact has more important the new macbook with touch bar but anyways on the back we have our airwaves and not sure if it has a cooling fan but will check there later in this video and on the bottom is the only metal piece on the laptop this will give us access to the internal confidence and we’ll try to open it up just in a bit for now let’s open up the laptop and here it is this keyboard has American do you can probably get other ones depending on where you live but you should ask yourself for more details on that looking at the track but it has a pretty decent-sized is definitely not glass but it seems more like plastic with a gloss finish on top looking at the screen we have a 13.3 HD 1080p display which is hard to find for a price range like this we also have some think bezels and a camera on top the hinges are not as firm as what i’m used to do move a little bit but for most part they’re okay the screen does have a little bit of flex but nothing I would worry about the screen can also go flat at 180 degrees so you should be able to find a good being angle now let’s pop it on and see how it performs and here we are inside the laptop spec-wise is nothing crazy which you can probably guess from the price harming everything out we have a 1.3 gigahertz intel atom processor with 2gb of RAM and 32gb of storage and allspice can be upgraded for a little more price but for this video i wanted to see what you can get for the cheapest price tag is about thirty dollars extra weight to 128gb of storage but we do have an SD card slot so you can bump up your stories using that is running a full version of Windows 10 pro32 based straight out-of-the-box unfortunately does not come with Mark operating system since the hardware is on comparable before a second forget it’s a macbook clone just look at it has a functional hundred laptop drinking speed test the results are really about especially for a hundred dollars laptop have a five-hundred-dollar HP laptop and there’s no way i can get the same speeds on that computer but anyways I connected the laptop to Wi-Fi and surfing the internet is able to handle that just fine loading times are instant but they’re really on the body again my 502 lat prob takes longer to go to the same website and now something you’ve all been waiting for let’s try playing some games and see how it performs in the gaming category i started with Minecraft and the graphics are really not crazy but not that bad either the game is somewhat playable with 25 to 30 frames per second with some framedrops here in there since this computer doesn’t have the highest pics you won’t be able to play the latest games on here but just still a lot of no graphic games you can enjoy it i also tried installing conscious right but for some reason I was able to get it installed i would probably guess it’s because of the limited storage i had but if you like to play Trudy games is definitely able to kill them games are buttery smooth and there are still a lot of old games you can enjoy in 2017 for 3d games is able to handle some light games with no and graphics and I also try to install in GTA vice city which worked fine with these and frame rates and surprisingly enough the computer that I heat up so you should be fine for some light gaming and now let’s try opening it open and see what’s actually inside this hundred or laptop so opening it up there’s not really a lot inside here and that definitely shows in the way Department this big boss right here is the five thousand million battery it was advertised as a six thousand million battery but really everyone has their own numbers other than that this is a main motherboard right in the middle we have our Intel processor with some other chips right next to it including our rhyme or a memory card and graphic cards and all that over here is our display cable and all the other side we have another cable going to display and i would get this is probably for camera or just power on the right-hand side we have another circuit board which is simply here connecting all the USB mic and power port to the motherboard and everything including the ram SSD are soldered onto the motherboard so you won’t be able to upgrade anything after purchase where you can definitely a great pretty much everything before you buy this laptop but that would obviously bring up the price since it has an SSD loading applications and boot times are pretty good we also see no cooling system here which makes the system much quieter but if it starts to heat up that would be a problem the so far so good i didn’t have any problems with the computer heating up i was also curious to see what these two black bars were turns out they’re just the speakers as they’re located in such a weird location without any speaker grills the sound is very muffled other than that underneath the plastic shoulders or keyboard and trackpad and that’s pretty much about it so looking inside the laptop you can really tell where the price that comes from but still it’s a pretty decent laptop for the price so back to the outside the screen itself it’s ok it’s no way to bride and doesn’t them all the way down the viewing angles are decent browsing the internet was perfectly fine the keyboard itself is pretty decent at has a good layout with decently travel and the typing experience is not bad the truck by itself is a multi touch with left and right place but clicking sound is way loud and clicking the trackpad you can really tell how cheap it is we can always use time to click the camera quality is bad and my bad i mean really bad if you need to use it for a quick Scott called I guess something is better than nothing the speakers are also better than nothing but they’re not going to they’re loaded for general use post is there still dedicated speaker grill or pretty much any place for a sound speakers are placed underneath the keyboard which is really bad this sounds very muffled and you probably want to appreciate this on quality at all other than that is a fully functional laptop the battery performance is really good for the price i was honestly expecting it to last maybe 10-20 minutes but with a dim screen you’re able to use it for about three hours and 28 minutes straight on battery performance wise it works fine for general use I know some more expensive laptops that will work for lower than this machine if you’re looking for something cheap to take notes at school or general web browsing this might be a good budget option for you it’s also able to handle some light case which is a plus now even though this looks like the macbook the easiest way to differentiate a clone is by simply turning it on the box can be changed and so can be everything else on the computer but the operating system will always their windows no matter what you can find these laptops all over chinese website such as bolivar by dhgate and you can find them anywhere from a hundred dollars to five hundred dollars depending on the specs you want if you want the same specs as the macbook you can get that for about four $75 but anytime buying online and from China you want to make sure you’re buying from a trusted website and a trusted seller I personally got mine from ebay 410 dollars and even though i got my item i would recommend buying from this seller had a lot of issues during the transaction and if you actually look at the listing he was supposed to send me a 128gb without but I got a 32gb in city and for future I would probably stay away from the solar and you guys that was a hundred-dollar macbook pro let me know what you guys think about it do you think it’s worked for choosing or you think it’s nothing more than a toy let me know what you guys think in the comments below if you like this video please share with your friends and don’t forget subscribe for more videos that has always thanks for watching

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