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Hey y’all!
My name is Priscilla and welcome back to my
channel Bookie Charm. For today’s video I’m going to be doing
the 10 year book challenge. – Instrumental Music – So Jocelyn, my good friend over
at yogi with a book, actually tagged me to do this.
So thank you so much for tagging me. And this is a tag that was created
by Rincey over at Rincey Reads. I have been a big fan of Rincey for
a very long time. She’s the- one of the
first booktubers I followed since discovering and booktube and also
why I’m so into like the Book Ri-riot Read Harder Challenge
because she contributes a lot to Book Riot’s channel and I’m
just the big fan. So, happy to do this tag. So question number one is what
was your favorite book in 2009? Okay maybe I should talk a
little bit first about 2009 because 2009
was not my best year. Uh it was actually one of the worst years
of my life to be quite honest. And I feel like I’ve done a complete
180 by the end of the decade. So that’s cool but I
wasn’t reading a lot in 2009. In 2009 I was a freshman and
sophomore in college. So academia is traumatizing. I was dealing with that along with a
lot of other personal things. Most of what I was reading
was for class. And it was like excerpts.
I don’t actually remember reading a full-length novel that year for class.
So I think my favorite book in 2009 was probably
a Harry Potter book because that was my favorite series
growing up and that was one of the series that I reread. So I’m gonna say the Prisoner of
Azkaban was my favorite book in 2009. Question number two is what is your
favorite book of 2019? This is so tough and so unfair! I haven’t even come out with my favorite
books of 2019 video yet. But when I think about 2019 and
the book that most defined my year that I will
look back on “Yes, I read this book that year” I think it’s gonna be…
not that one! For now let’s just go with
Octavia Butler’s Dawn. The first book in the Xenogenesis series
because this book … is a lot. And it’s a lot-
it made me think. It makes me think to this day. It’s one of those books that
sticks with you months and months maybe even years
after having read it. And this is why I can only
handle one Octav- Octavia Butler series per year. So I think 2019 was a year of Dawn. And I’ve talked about this series on
my channel a number of times. So I’m not gonna go through like the
whole spiel of like what it’s about. But if you want to know,
I did do a full video review and I’ll link that in the
cards above. Question number three was what
was your least favorite book in 2009? So in 2009, like I said, I wasn’t
reading a lot but I do remember reading like a
handful of things. I was shopping at grocery stores
for cheap paperbacks- market paperbacks
that were um easy on my broke college
wallet and budget. And I think that, I’m pretty sure,
I started picking up Nicholas Sparks that year which- yikes! Because Nicholas Sparks is a
um Christian that uh I think he was funding this
Christian school that uh promotes conversion therapy?
So…. [voice over]: Hey y’all I was fact-checking
this and I can’t find the article but he’s still homophobic. Don’t recommend his romance
Christian novels but I think I’m pretty sure I read
Dear John that year. I-uh… What is the message of
that book? *laughs* Like that book was-
that book was so bad! *laughs* It’s poorly written and
this is what I thought of romance at the time mind you. Bad on me and shame on me! For completely writing of romance
because I read a Nicholas Sparks novel. Dear John, if you don’t know,
is the love story mostly written in letters between
this soldier and this woman from his hometown that fall in love. And most of their time uh
spent together is not really together. It’s over these letters because
he is on tour. He’s abroad and it’s like her
waiting for him most the time. And it’s really depressing
and sad. Yeah. Probably the worst book
I read that year. Question number four
was what was your least favorite book in 2019? Most definitely The Storm
Runner by J.C. Cervantes. I think I’ve mentioned this a
number of times as well but it’s just a super disappointing
book for me. But for varieties sake another
book that I really didn’t like was The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez.
It’s the story of a black vampire. It’s one of those classics and
that, in its time for its time, it was very revolutionary but now
it’s I think sort of a classic. A modern-day classic for feminist
vampire lore and the genre. There was a lot of I think missteps
in Gilda’s development because I didn’t really understand Gilda after
having been with her for so long in this book.
So probably this one. Question number five is what is a
book published in 2009 that you still want to read?
I don’t know because I didn’t look this up.
Let’s look up books in 2009. Well The Help was published
that year but I definitely don’t
want to read that. I read The Maze Runner.
Unfortunately I pretty sure I read City of Glass.
I think I have Hush, Hush but I don’t want to read that. Born To Run. Oh my god,
I read that book and that- *sigh* Oof! Oh! Columbine!
Columbine by Dave Cullen was published in the year 2009.
I definitely want to read that book. That’s been on my radar for
such a long time. I think it’s a journalist that
compiles ten years worth of information in a book
about the Columbine shooting. And that’s the topic that I think
is really prevalent in our time. Especially where I’m from where
guns are just so much more valued in terms of law than the
rights than human rights. In some places.
So that’s a book that I’m super interested in reading. Question number six is what is
a book published in 2019 you want to get
to before 2020? We are in 2020 so I’ll just say books
that I want to read from 2019. The Nickel
Boys by Colson Whitehead. I haven’t read Colson Whitehead yet
but um that’s a book that’s been on my radar for a very long time. That I think is a good way
to start with him, maybe? If you’ve read Whitehead maybe
you can let me know. But I know that this book is sort
of inspired by a real school that existed in Florida that
would take in boys. And it’s kind of a
traumatising book/look at this traumatizing events that happened to
these black boys at this school. That’s kind of the gist of what I
think the story is about. And Whitehead is a
Pulitzer winning writer, I think. He’s won a number of awards so
he’s definitely a writer I want to get to and that’s a book that I want to read. Question number seven is what is
a genre you used to read a lot of that you
don’t read as much anymore? I think I used to read- I
mean now I read so much more so I feel like I read a lot
more varied. Back then I think that I was
really into like long series. I would get into so many of those
like 8, 10, 15 long books series when I was younger.
read like the entire vampire Darren Shan series or most of it. You know the Daughters of the Moon
series is another 12 book long series. So a lot of like super long series. I think now I read much more stand-
alones as opposed to series. So I don’t know that’s
not really a genre but that’s the first thing that’s coming to my
mind right now. So question number 8 is what
is a new genre you’ve discovered since 2009?
Probably poetry I think would be the newest genre.
I was reading a little bit of poetry in 2009 but it was
mostly like classical stuff um because I was a Latin major
for like a hot second and I was reading a lot
of like classical Latin poetry. But I think now I’m getting a lot
more into modern poetry. Some of my favorites
this past year were Danez Smith. I really enjoy
Tommy Pico and Jose Olivarez. So definitely modern poetry. So question number 9 is
what is a reading or book habit you were hoping to
leave behind in this decade? Not so much a habit but just
making sure that I am aware of what kind of authors
I’m picking up. A lot of the authors, like I said,
a lot of those series that I mentioned
and were white authors. So yeah just leaving behind
all of tho se basic white authors to discover a lot more
authors of color and stories that I didn’t have when I was younger. So question number
ten is what is a new reading goal or habit you want to create in
the upcoming decade? Well I have a full video discussing
my goals for the next year. So feel free to check that out but
in terms of like the next decade a goal I think the biggest one I
have is just reading as very- reading as widely as I
possibly can. And just really understanding the
things that I like. That I don’t like. That I love. That I hate about literature, about media. And love and hate are really
strong words but I really want to have strong opinions about things. And the only way to do that is
to push my limits, to jump out of my comfort zone and really
experience different stories from different people and from
different places. So that’s I think my biggest goal
for the entire decade. So that is the ten year book challenge tag. So thank you again to Jocelyn
for tagging me. And thank you to any other bookuber
that tagged me in any book tags that I didn’t get to last year. I think that I want to
move forward in 2020 with a fresh slate and just start brand new.
I usually keep track of those tags but I don’t think
that I’m gonna get to them. So thank you for tagging me
and thank you for watching this video. But that’s all I have for today.
So thank you so much for watching and I hope to catch you
in the next video. Bye! -Instrumental Music-

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5 thoughts on “10 Year Challenge || Book Tag”

  1. Paola Mancera says:

    Lmaooo I used to love Nicholas Sparks but my English teacher hated him so when he caught me reading one of his novels and he said "please don't read that crap"

    Also wait I didn't know that you didn't like the storm runner. I really wanna read that book.

  2. yogi with a book says:

    i also wasn't reading poetry when i was younger. if the poet x had come out when i was in high school though i think it would've been a game changer.
    yesssss forever leaving the basic white authors behind.

  3. She Wants the Diction says:

    I'm always impressed people can even remember what they were reading 10 years ago… like bruh, I was 15. I was probably reading like, Twilight 😂

  4. That's So Poe says:

    I loved hearing about your past vs now reading, although that's too bad that 2009 was such a rough year. Glad you got through it (despite the Nicholas Sparks novel…). I'm all with you about trying to read more widely and challenge myself to go past my comfort zone. Here's to a wonderful new decade of reading!

  5. Lydia Holmes says:

    oh man octavia butler is so incredible. TOMMY PICO is incredible and gorgeous too. I can't wait for his newest collection.

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