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Hiya folx, it’s Jocelyn. Welcome back to yogi with a book Today we have a tag video and it’s actually been quite a while since I’ve done a tag But Rincey Reads just made a tag called the ten year challenge tag, and it sounded really interesting So I wanted to get on that since it is the end of the decade I didn’t realize that until people started talking about it on Twitter But yeah, it’s almost the 2020s and this tag is all about looking over the last 10 years of your life Especially your reading life And sort of going through that so I thought it would be really fun to do. Let’s get on into the questions Question 1: What was your favorite book in 2009? So 2009 was the year I graduated high school, which means that my favorite book was The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón I believe I read this for the first time my junior year Because my best friend from high school lent it to me and I’ve loved it ever since I’ve reread it a couple of times though it’s been a while at this point – probably 5/4 years – but I love the story. It’s a book about books. It’s a mystery There’s a little bit of like, murder involved and one of my favorite characters is Fermín. I have always loved him I think this one’s been talked about a lot on booktube, especially recently, so you’ve probably heard about it But in 2009 this is absolutely my favorite thing Question 2 is: What is your favorite book of 2019? And I’m going to take that as 2019 releases, so that would have to be Don’t Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno I’ve already reread this even though it just came out this year and Nina Moreno is a fantastic author. This is an ownvoices Cuban-American story It’s a contemporary about a girl and her family and what it means to be Cuban-American I love Rosa so very much and I also had the very very wonderful opportunity to interview Nina Moreno when we were both at BookNet Fest this year So I’m going to leave that video linked up above. I’m very proud with it I loved hanging out with Nina and if you’re interested in this book at all, this is a spoiler free interview So maybe take a look because we had a lot of fun Question 3 is: What was your least favorite book in 2009? And I think of books that I was forced to read in high school My least favorite of that time was As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner I just thought it was the most pointless thing I had ever read with my own two eyes I haven’t even considered trying to reread it now as an adult and see if my opinion changed because I hated it that much. So yeah Question 4: What was your least favorite book in 2019? That one is again very simple because it’s the only book I had given one-star this year and that is Nevernight by Jay Kristoff I didn’t like anything about this book – from the characters, to the plot, to the writing None of it worked for me Question 5: What is a book published in 2009 that you still want to read? So I went on to the Goodreads books published in 2009 because on my actual want to read shelf there was nothing and looking through that list Still not really anything that’s jumping out to me The only exception is a book that I’ve heard quite a bit about on like booktube SFF And that is Soulless by Gail Carriger Which is a steampunk, urban fantasy, romance series. I don’t really know too much about it And I’m not sure that I do want to read it But of the options of books that came out in 2009 that I haven’t read yet That would be the only one Question 6: What is a book published in 2019 you want to get to before 2020? So I’ve actually done a really good job I think of reading 20 19 releases In fact I maybe have done too good of a job because I’ve kind of been ignoring everything else That said, the only one book I could think of in this moment that I would like to finish before 2020 but if it doesn’t happens, eh Is Shapes of Native Nonfiction and I want to finish this because I’m actually already in the middle of it. So ideally I would like to have no books carryover between 2019 and 2020 So I would like to finish this essay collection It’s obviously a non-fiction essay collection from Native authors And I heard a few of these people talk when I went to the Texas Book Festival So far it’s really interesting. And I love that all of these essays are about different things and they have different forms It’s sort of up to everyone’s discretion how they write for this book. Also the design of it is very intentional This was my pick for the nonfiction November “design” and also the “voices” challenge I didn’t finish this in November obviously, but if I can finish it by the end of this year, I would be very happy Question 7: What is the genre you used to read a lot of that you don’t read as much of anymore? Honestly, I’ve always read majority fantasy and then other things as they sort of piqued my fancy However, when I was younger and wasn’t on the internet and had as many resources as I do now, I definitely read a lot more books by white people and that’s really the only thing I could think of It’s definitely not a genre But if I think about the books that I read when I was younger and the books that I’m reading now I would think the majority of books when I was younger were written by white men especially though I’ve always, I think, read a decent amount of women. It’s been more in the last few years Also more non-binary people in the last few years. But yeah books by white guys. Is that a genre? Classics? I guess, maybe? Question 8: What is a new genre you’ve discovered since 2009? So piggybacking off of that again not a genre but more ownvoices things which has really changed my reading in the last few years I’ve also discovered new subgenres that I really enjoy So I didn’t know beforehand that mythology and folklore based fantasy was a thing, I think, when I was younger It was a little bit more high fantasy was sort of the only thing I was finding, a lot of things about royalty And I’ve since realized that I don’t really enjoy those stories and I just read them a lot more when I was younger because that was what I had at my disposal Now I barely ever read those sorts of things because I know how to find books and there’s more sort of coming at me from different directions that have different spins And that wasn’t as much of an option back in the day Question 9: What is a reading or book habit you are hoping to leave behind in this decade? Firstly I would like to stop buying sequels before I finish and love the first book in a series I don’t know why that’s a thing that I still continue to do when I know better, but it is I am getting better. It’s still a problem Similarly just buying things because they are a good price I know logically that I do not need all of the books, but especially one of the traps of like book outlet is that things are at such a reasonable price That it’s very easy to just convince yourself that you need it because if you pass it up at this price Like, why would you? Who does that? I should do that. I should pass those books up a little bit more. That is a habit I definitely want to get out of especially as the space on my bookshelves get smaller I know that I like keeping books that I enjoy and books that I get some sort of feeling from and so the things that I end up keeping and that come onto this shelf in particular, is a very small amount of books that I end up reading So I would also like to just stop buying all of the books because I can Finally another thing that I definitely think I’m getting better at is the idea of “guilty reading.” When I was younger, I definitely used to feel “guilty” about reading certain things and as I get older and more comfortable with myself, basically, I’m just saying fuck it If I like it, I like it and that’s fine. So I would like to continue doing that I would like to still enjoy things that I enjoy even though I can say objectively this is not the highest bit of art, but it was great and it was fun And I think that I’m going on the right trajectory for that one Finally: What is a new reading goal or habit that you would like to create in the upcoming decade? So the first thing I would like to do is to review more consistently and I would like to do that both on this channel But also on Goodreads and just taking a moment to write down a few of my thoughts It is becoming harder as I read more and more things, but I do find that it’s helpful for myself when I’m able to go back and even just read those couple of sentences like “oh, yeah, that’s what I thought” I started doing this a little bit in my bullet journal as well So maybe that’s where I will keep most of my thoughts But regardless I want to actually take note of my thoughts when I finished a book so that I can remember in the future I would also like to pick up more indie authors I know that there are so many people coming up and just publishing is constantly putting out more titles and new authors and there’s already a lot of stimulation in that way But also working at an independent bookstore I’ve started to realize more and more how important it is to support smaller and independent endeavors And so I’d also like to translate that to the authors that I’m reading Because I know there are a lot of authors who do eventually get traditionally published who start out as indie authors and I do think I want to be a little more tapped into that source I’m sure there are a lot of favorites that I could find at any possible moment if I actually looked over there So that is something that I would like to do in the 2020s So yeah that is it for this tag Let me know if you found this interesting at all If you have anything to sort of add to this conversation I wasn’t actually tagged in this but I’m still gonna tag people and just sort of pass this along So I think I would really like to see Rebecca from Tea Hags do this, Julia from Shakespeare and Such, Nikki from XONikkee, Priscilla from Bookie Charm, and Deboki from okidokiboki. So yeah, that’s gonna be it for me today Thank you all so much for watching and I’ll be back with another video shortly. Bye You

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  1. Bookie Charm says:

    I immediately clicked on this vid because it was rec'd in the outro of the last vid I watched by you! What a blessing 💗
    Thanks for tagging me because I love these questions! So I finished Shapes of Native Nonfiction and it was difficult because I think all the trauma was getting to me. It's very good but… it was a lot.
    I love that interview with Nina Moreno and that you have that to look back on! Same when it comes to reading more indie authors.

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