10 TIPS FOR WORKING/STUDYING AT HOME | How to stay productive + focused! ✨


Hello, friends, I hope you are doing well and excited for today’s video so I wrote down all of my tips which amounted to 10 tips in total I’ll
be giving like tips within the tips of productivity and how to focus when
working from home I know it is such a crazy and wild time right now and a lot
of us are finding ourselves in uncharted territory working from home every single
day I know it can be quite the adjustment and I actually if you weren’t
aware I’ve been working from home 99% of the time for over a year now so
throughout my time working from home I have kind of picked up little tips and
just advice on how to stay focused how to get stuff done when you’re just
surrounded by distractions and I personally love working from home I
definitely think you have the opportunity to be even more focused and
productive and comfortable so I feel way more inspired at home than I do in an
office and I just wanted to share my tips on how you can really just enjoy
this time and make the most out of it so my first tip is to wake up at the same
time each and every day I know this can be tricky especially when you might have
the opportunity to kind of sleep in now and don’t get me wrong I totally have
days where I do sleep in if my body is really telling me that I need some extra
rest and so I definitely support that but overall I think it is really
beneficial to kind of designate a time where you’re gonna go to bed and you’re
gonna wake up each and every day not only will this help you just kind of
stay on track but it’s also good for your body to have this kind of
consistent sleep schedule so even when you do go back to the office or you stop
working from home having this consistent time to wake up it’s beneficial for so
many reason even if you want to stay up really late and wake up really late
that’s totally fine it’s just having that consistency is key and then my
second tip is to get ready and change in the morning so there is a little caveat
to this when I say get ready I don’t necessarily mean put on your pink blazer
in your suit or what you would normally wear to work but I just mean change out
of your PJs it’s so easy to just stay in your PJs all day and work and I’ve
totally done that and you really can have a productive day but usually it’s
better to at least just change out of your PJs personally my favorite way from
home outfit is a blazer a nice t-shirt or a little tank top and then my
sweatpants and my fuzzy slippers so I kind of have business on the top and a
party on the bottom and comfy cozy on the bottom because I actually do have a
lot of virtual meetings so it is important that I look presentable and
you know I usually wear my blue leg glasses because sometimes I will not
wear makeup or do my hair so having the blue light glasses or glasses in general
really helps you look more put together and like you made an effort to get ready
in the morning so even if you don’t care it really dolled up I I personally don’t
even like to get dolled up every day this is just such a great way to kind of
normalize your new routine of working from home my next one tip number three
is to make a time blocked schedule where you have a time where you’re gonna work
on each thing and you have all your goals mapped out and when you’re gonna
take a lunch break and you know just a break in general Google Calendar is my
best friend and when I have days where I need to be so immensely productive and I
have a lot on my agenda time blocking is super super key so I have different like
little categories because I do work for Disney and I also work from for myself
in YouTube so I have different color-coordinated calendars to kind of
help me have that visual cue and I also set little reminders so I
know when meanings are coming up in anything like that so if you haven’t
tried out Google Calendar I highly recommend and it’s completely free which
is definitely a plus I also like to write down tons of to-do lists and stuff
like that but Google Calendar is awesome because it’s on your phone and on your
computer also while your time blocking your day a
great thing to keep in mind is to make a separate time for when you do laundry
and clean your house and kind of do house chores because when you are
working from home it’s so easy to just do that throughout the day while you’re
working and it can be super distracting so if you’re really trying to focus
maybe make a time block in the morning before you start work to get your
laundry done and then after work do the dishes and stuff like that okay number
four is to create a separate workspace and I know this can be tricky if you
live in a small space but it is great to have this like designated spot where
this is your work spot thankfully we have this little corner in our
one-bedroom one-bath apartment that I was able to fit a desk in and that’s
kind of my designated workspace but you really could do this anywhere even if
you just have one little room you can set up a cozy little corner and put a
little chair even if you were sitting crisscross applesauce on the floor with
like a little pouf to use for your laptop it’s just really nice to have
that spot where you know you’re not in your bed or on the couch
but I will say working from home something that has helped me is to move
around throughout the day so I’ll start at my desk and get some stuff done there
but then once I kind of feel little stiff I might move to the bar our island
and stand up and work standing up for a little bit and then I might move to the
couch or this little cozy chair we have in our living room and then work from
there for a bit I have really noticed that it helps me to kind of switch it up
and have different spaces to work throughout the day and it kind of gives
me a little change of environment and helps me stay refreshed and motivated
okay number five is probably my favorite and that is to create some reward
an inspiration for yourself so for me one thing I almost do religiously every
single day is make a nice cool glass of iced coffee in the afternoon especially
about the weather it’s getting warmer I love to kind of cool down and treat
myself to a little coffee so I usually have this coffee around 1:30 or 2:00
p.m. every single day so it really kind of gives me a lift and helps me kind of
get re inspired and re motivated after you know you have a busy morning and
then after lunch lull kind of hits so to make my iced coffee
I usually just make a little cup of French press coffee but you can use
whatever you know coffee maker you have and then I put that in the freezer for
about 15 minutes just so that it can cool because it’s really really hot
after I finish brewing it and then once it’s nice and cool I pour in some
crushed ice and then I’ll add either some creamer or something sweet I have
coffee syrups have creamer but then I also get the La Colombe Draft lattes and
I’ll kind of mix that in and it just makes it such like a sweet and fun treat
so highly recommend a nut and if you don’t like coffee you can do the same
kind of thing with some tea or some kabuto
or a soda or like sparkling water or something like that that just gets you
excited and kind of gets you refreshed tip number six is to take breaks when
you work from home you really don’t have co-workers to talk without the water
cooler or friends popping by your desk or anything like that and you may not
realize but when you do work in an office like you talking to your
co-workers it’s kind of taking a break if you’re just talking about like some
pop culture stuff or just some fun life stuff so yeah when you work from home
it’s very easy to not take breaks so make sure you kind of make some time
where you can either go for a walk if you’re able or you can watch a little
show or YouTube video for 15 minutes or do some stretches anything like that
just making those designated breaks will really help break up your day and
make sure you’re creating a good balance okay tip number seven is to maintain a
clean environment and I know this can be very tricky especially if you have pets
and kids but at least for me I get super distracted if I have a bunch of papers
and just like stuff all around me so I try to keep my desk and just living area
and general super clean and not cluttered at all it just helps me really
focus so I definitely recommend doing that and then a little side note I also
like to have candles and my diffuser around because this just creates kind of
a more inspiring environment for me okay tip number eight is to make good meals
throughout the day good and healthy meals throughout the day that you look
forward to so for example I know not everybody’s a breakfast person but one
great thing about working from home is that you save time traveling and getting
ready to go for work so or go to work so you have more time to make breakfast and
stuff like that and it’s easier to kind of make a more in-depth lunch I guess
you could say it since you’re your kitchens right there so that’s a huge
plus and some of my favorite breakfasts are peanut butter and banana oatmeal a
nice you know grand bold eggs with some avocado and lots of spices sometimes
I’ll even make heart-shaped waffles on a Wednesday like you have that extra time
which is such a privilege and luxury to be able to make a fancier breakfast and
this will help you feel more excited about your day and excited to wake up
and get out of bed and get in the mood to get stuff done okay tip number nine
this is a fun one so another plus about working from home
is getting to listen to music or podcasts or even put the TV on in the
background and you can do this without putting headphones on I know some of my
headphones under hurting my ears at the end of the day so it’s nice that you
have a space that’s just yours or maybe you’re sharing it with your spouse which
I’m totally doing right now so I am wearing my head home but being able to
listen to stuff that entertains you and inspires you
the day is really great and I know not everybody’s work will allow them to kind
of multitask like that or you’re not able to focus at all but I personally
love to listen to music while I work and one of my favorite genres to listen to
while I work is lo-fi it’s kind of like this really cool beat music but usually
there’s not that many words I’ll insert or I will try to find one so you guys
can hear Spotify has lots of lo-fi playlists my favorite one is lo-fi beats
it’s this one and it just really helps me focus I
don’t know what it is about it but it’s really great so good so finding kind of your favorite
music that helps you focus I know instrumental music and kind of
like classical music can help people focus but being able to kind of play
that throughout your living space and your home can really help you focus and
also be a fun little treat because in your office you probably aren’t able to
do that and then my last tip which I am absolutely awful at but I wanted to
share because I do think it’s important and something I’m trying to improve on
is setting a end time for your work day so you know you don’t have to stick to
that nine-to-five I mean maybe you do it depends on your workplace but if you are
working from home you might have more flexibility on when you can start and
end your day but it is important to create that establish and time so that
you’re not working longer than you should and you’re still maintaining that
healthy work-life balance and you’re studying those boundaries because when
you do work where you live boundaries can sometimes easily go out the door
because you’re just always there and the work is just right there staring you in
the face so it’s important to you know even if you start working at 10:00 and
you want to stop working at 6:00 I don’t know whatever it is just creating that
time where you stopped and you can have some fun FaceTime your family play some
board games whatever it is so you are not becoming a workaholic which I can
definitely be guilty of but it is important to make sure you maintain a
balance and you maintain a healthy lifestyle as best as you can I know it’s
not always easy at all and I don’t want this video to seem like it’s easy but I
really hope these tips are helpful to you and you really use this time working
from home as a blessing and you can grow from it and practice self-discipline
it’ll definitely do that if anything so I really hope you enjoyed these tips and
thank you guys so much for watching and Hey

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