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Hello everybody! Welcome to the sailor
family. Today in a 10-minute work out mountains we want to show you and
hopefully, you know, we can help you to change to get you to pass the boot camp, but before doing any exercise always check with your health care provider to make sure you pass physical tests physical check-up, I dont want you to pass out or die because you’re following my videos and do exercise more than you’re supposed to do All right! That is 20 push-up and 20 Jumping rope. Now we are going to take ten seconds rest Are you ready for the second round ? Let’s do it. Going to be another 20 pushup Wow! That’s is
a natural obstacle to make me work harder
Tommy! You are making paddy work harder. Is that how you treat your daddy after I feed you all day, all night, change your diaper yeah well maybe So, that’s the third round. Are you ready for the fourth round? That’s the 4th round. It means so far we’ve been doing 80 pushups 80 jumping rope Here, we get a lot of noise from the airplane. The airport is right there. this is very nice in my house
You can sit here, get a chair and have some beer watching and counting the airplanes Tommy, why are you lying there? Stand up and do some exercises. Are you ready, boy? All right. I am ready for my 5th round. Another 20 pushups. Are you ready, too? oh my god Oh my god! 20 pushups with my son omn top of me. That’s extra 35 pounds (~15kg) I dont think I can do more pushups I’m really tired but let’s see if I can do a few jumping rope Let’s try for 50 Let’s try for 50 if I can 52. I stopped because the rope is tangled Please subscribe to my channel.
Hopefully, we had a good 1st day work out So far, total we have 100 pushups and 132 jumping rope. I hope to see you next time,
maybe tomorrow all right, How about tomorrow? I will see you. Until then, bye for now!

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