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Hi everyone. I’m rincey and this is
rincey reads. So today I have a tag that I made myself, which is really weird cause
I’ve been on booktube for a very long time and I’m someone who doesn’t do a
lot of tags anymore. But I was kind of inspired today to make up this tag.
Mostly because I’m seeing everyone post on Twitter and Instagram the like “ten year
challenge” thing where you post a picture of yourself from 2009 and then you post
a picture of yourself from 2019 next to each other. So people can like see and
compare all that has changed about you or not since then. And some people are
even like talking about some of the things they’ve learned or done over
the course of this past decade. I’m not someone who takes a lot of pictures of
myself. So I feel really weird– and I also don’t post a lot of pictures of myself.
So I felt a little bit weird doing the 10 year challenge with just like photos
of myself. I mean, I do have photos of myself from 2009. That’s the year I
graduated so I can just try to find those. Also I’m not on Facebook anymore
so it makes it a little bit harder to find the exact photos that you’re
looking for. But anyways, this is a whole tangent saying I wasn’t planning on like
doing the 10 year challenge but then I thought I would be interesting to do
like the 10 year challenge in books on Instagram by like pulling out like my
favorite books from 2009 and my favorite books from this year. And then I thought
I would just make it a tag and it would be kind of fun to compare and contrast
my reading life in 2009 to today. I’m very lucky that I joined Goodreads while
I was in college, which was pre-2009 because I graduated in 2009. And so I have
a record of my reading life in 2009. I know not everyone has that. But if you
would like to do the challenge you’re welcome to like fudge the years and the
numbers a little bit and just make like approximations of what you were reading
or what you think you were reading in 2009. Also some of the questions are
general enough that you probably could get by answering them outside of like
the first couple ones. So yeah, let me just like jump right in. And of course
there are 10 questions that I have to answer because, you know, it’s the 10 year
challenge. So I had to make it 10 questions. Okay the first question is
what was your favorite book that you read in 2009. Like I said, I had a goodreads
account back then. So it wasn’t very hard for me to find it. And the book that I rated 5 stars that year was A Thousand Splendid Suns
by Khaled Hosseini. I don’t think I need to talk about this book at all because
this is a very popular author and a very popular book. But on the off-chance if
you haven’t read him yet, I still highly, highly recommend him. He’s written three
novels so far, and I think like a kids book or something along those lines. And
I highly recommend all three of his novels. I’ve loved all of them. But yes, I
read this one in 2009 even though it came out earlier. A trend that you’re
gonna see is all of the books I talked about from that time period are probably
gonna be a little bit older than 2009 because at that point in time, like I
said I graduated from college in May of 2009 so I did not have
money. So if I spent money on books they were gonna be paperbacks which meant
they were backlist. All right, the second question is what is your favorite book
of 2019 and that is the collected schizophrenias by Esme Weiju Wang. This is
one of two books I rated 5 stars this year. I’ll link up of the cards my review
for this if you want to see my full thoughts on it. But this is a book that I
adore so much and I’m so happy that I read it. And I’ve been recommending it
non-stop since I read it like over the summer or in the spring.
Next is what was your least favorite read in 2009. And so I was looking at my
goodreads shelf, there was a couple– there were a couple of books that I marked as
two-star reads but there was one book I didn’t read it all and a marked as a DNF.
I very rarely mark DNFs so I found it really interesting that this year
happened to have one. And so it is the Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie.
Salman Rushdie, again, is very well known author and at this point in time I was
just graduating college. I didn’t really know a whole lot about the book world or
anything like that. And so the vast majority of the time when I was trying
to read things, it was either things that were featured on the Border’s tables or,
and/or authors that I had heard about, so like really well-known authors. And so
obviously Salman Rushdie is really well known and I think The Enchantress of
Florence was sitting on a barn– borders table. So I picked it up, couldn’t get
through it. Gave up on it and then pretty soon after that I started hearing things
about how Salman Rushdie is not the greatest person. And so I was okay with
never just reading his books. The next question is what was your least favorite
read of 2019. And I’m not someone who talks a lot about the books that I don’t enjoy that much anymore here on this channel. Just
because I haven’t been making as much content and so I tend to focus on the
books that I really love to encourage people to pick them up. The other thing
is that I’m a much heavy DNF-er now than I was in the past to the point where I
don’t even bother keeping track of the books that I DNF anymore. And a lot
of times my DNFs aren’t necessarily like judgments on the books themselves. It’s
just like my mood and I know that the book just isn’t right for me sort of
thing. So I went through and I found the books that I rated like two stars this
year. And the one that I would pick as being like my least favorite out of the
batch is a woman is no man by Etaf Rum. This one came out I think at the
beginning of the year, or maybe it came out last year even. But I was so
disappointed by that book. I think because it started off so strong but
then it ended so weakly. There was a reviewer on Goodreads who summed it up
really well, I’ll try to link to her review specifically down in the
description. But there was just such a lack of nuance with this story. Like it
felt so heavy-handed and after a certain point in time it felt like it was just
going in circles and talking about the same things over and over again. It felt
like there was a specific story that this author wanted to write and she had
done that within like the first hundred pages and then after that she didn’t
really know what to do. And so like by the end of the book I just wanted to like
throw it across the wall. The only thing it had going for it that made me finish
it is that it’s a really fast read but it was not an enjoyable fast read. So.
Next is what is a book that was published in 2009 that you still want to
read. And so I googled sort of books published in 2009 and there are a bunch
of like different Goodreads lists that have really popular books that were
published in 2009. And looking through them, I feel like I’ve read a lot of the
ones that I would be interested in and the other ones that are popular are not
ones that I really care to pick up. But I did see that Soulless by Gail Carriger
was published in 2009 and that’s a book that I have been wanting to read for
like years now. Like I feel like it’s been talked about since I’ve been on
booktube like from the beginning of my booktube days and is like beloved by
everyone and it looks like a really fun fantasy series. And it’s a book that I
keep meaning to pick up. And I kind of just want to like buy a copy of it so
it’s sitting on my shelf, which will like force me to read it at
some point. Next is what is a book that was published in 2019 that you want to
get to before 2020. So I’ve been seeing a lot of people do they’re sort of like
end-of-the-year lists and TBR’s and stuff like that. And so I specifically
wanted this question to be about books that were published this year that
you’re really hoping to get to. And there are a handful that I have on my list but
I think the one that’s at the top of the list is all this can be yours by Jami
Attenberg. I think the only reason why I haven’t read this book yet– I not think, I know. I know the only reason why I haven’t picked this book up yet is because I’ve been trying to
like curb my book spending lately. And so I’ve been on hold for this one at the
library since before it came out and it’s finally to come in for me. So I
don’t have a copy in my hands but I know it’s waiting for me at the library. So I
plan on picking it up this week and reading it like as soon as possible
slash before the end of the year. 7 is what is a genre that you used to read a
lot of that you don’t read as much of anymore. And I had a hard time with this one because again I was looking at the books
that I read back in 2009 and it’s mostly like, the ratios are a little bit
different but it’s mostly the same combination of literary fiction,
contemporary fiction, historical fiction, and then some like fantasy and mystery
thrown in there and a little bit of nonfiction sprinkled in as well. So what
I went for is white dudes. Like I think that what I don’t read as much of
anymore are books written by white men to be completely honest and I’m okay
with that. I was looking through my reading list
from this year. The only books by white men that I’ve read were the billion
dollar whale and the Thomas Jefferson biography I read this year. And so yeah, I
think that honestly like outside of those specific types of like nonfiction
books where it’s a very specific concept or story or something that I really want
to read about and usually it’s only ever white guys who have written about them.
So outside of those like avoidable– unavoidable circumstances, I generally
don’t read that many books by white dudes and I’m okay with that. Eight is what is a
genre you’ve discovered since 2009. And so for me that is romance. I didn’t read
any romance novels prior to that point. I read some like chick lit type books like
Meg Cabot and The Devil Wears Prada and those types of
books. But I never read like full-blown romance until recently. Number 9 is what
is a reading or book habit you are hoping to leave behind in this decade.
Oo, okay. So I had a hard time with this one because I like the way that my
reading has been going recently. Like I feel like I read pretty diversely and
whatnot. But the thing that I’ve realized that I want to leave behind in this past
decade and a thing that I’m working on is not using Amazon as much as possible.
So this is not me putting judgment on people who use Amazon. But I do think
that Amazon is one of those companies that if you have the choice not to use
them, it’s probably better if you didn’t. But I know not everyone has that choice.
But for me, I basically stopped shopping on Amazon. Like I looked at my Amazon
history and I purchased from them like maybe twice a year and it’s usually in
situations where I can’t find the thing anywhere else. I started becoming someone
who cares a lot about shopping locally in physical stores. So I do that whenever
I can. And if I do order things online I just try to avoid using Amazon if
possible. I’ve canceled my audible account. I own an Amazon Kindle but I
don’t buy Amazon Kindle books. I only use it to download the rare advanced reader
copies I get or to download e-books from the library. And yeah, I know it’s not
like easy to completely disconnect yourself from Amazon but I’m working on
it. I’m also like making small steps like I have affiliate links in my videos for
Book Depository and Book Depository’s owned by Amazon. And so like I don’t
think I’m gonna have affiliate links in my videos anymore. Which is fine. I mean,
it’s not like I made that much money from my affiliate links. You know, just like
little things like that I’m slowly making the transition to just not using
the company if possible. So that’s just my own personal choice. But yeah, I think
it’s just one of those things like Facebook where I just need to leave it
in the past. And number 10 is what is the new reading goal or habit that you want
to create in the upcoming decade. So I’ve been, as you guys are aware, slowly like
diversifying my reading and trying to broaden my horizons in terms of what I’m
picking up. And I feel like the main, not the main, but one of
the biggest blind spots I have is reading books by and about people with
physical disabilities or even just general disabilities, whether it’s mental
or physical. Didn’t read any books by or about people with physical disabilities,
I don’t believe. And so I want to make that a more conscious habit as well and
start seeking those books out and prioritizing those books. And hopefully,
like I did with, you know, women and authors of color and stories that take
place around the world, once I start like prioritizing those books that will
naturally become a habit. So yeah, I think just that and sort of like a continuing
to broaden my horizons in terms of what I’m reading and picking up and paying
attention to and stuff like that is always a good thing. So yeah, I think, I
think that’ll, that’ll be a good goal to work on for the next decade. So that is
everything. Like I said, if you want to do this tag, you are more than welcome to do
it. I usually don’t tag people in tag videos because I’m usually one of the
last people to do a tag video. So I’m not like used to picking out people to tag.
But since I’m the originator of it, I feel like I should tag some people. But
obviously, again, feel free to do it. The questions are down in the description if
you just want to like copy and paste them. But the specific people I’m gonna
tag are Rachael Rae, Olive from a book olive, Simon from Savage reads, Heidi from
my reading life, and Claire from Claire reads books. But yes, please feel free to
do the tag, share the tag, do whatever you do with tags. And make sure you tag me
on like Twitter or Instagram if you post about it because I would love to see
other people’s answers. Or you can actually just leave a comment down below
if you make a video about it with your video because I’ll just like make sure
to track the comments on this video more closely and make sure they’re not just
going straight to spam. So yeah, that’s all I have for now and thanks for watching.

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  1. Martha Caro says:

    Love the concept and questions of this tag! Looking forward to seeing many more booktubers answer this tag.

  2. 8866ming says:

    I'm totally with you on #7. I read none, if only a few, titles by white male authors. And I read VERY few white female authors. There are so many amazing titles by non-white authors.

  3. Remembered Reads says:

    Love the idea of this tag! Although I just scanned my "Year in Books" on Goodreads from 2009, and 75% of them are books that I remember virtually nothing about… ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. Alison Rose says:

    "White dudes" – YUP. So often I hear a synopsis that sounds interesting but then it's like, "Oh, it's white guy, thank u next." I mean, I'm not like, 100% opposed to ever reading books by white men, but they have to sound super intriguing and have some strong reviews from people I trust. And I do find that, not always but often, books by MOC have less of the dudely shit I hate.

  5. blackboxkun Mc says:

    waiting for the best of 2019 from you!

  6. My Reading Life says:

    This is fabulous! I will definitely be doing this tag and thanks for tagging me. So hard to avoid white dudes in presidential biographies.

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    I like this tag, Rincey. Well done. What is the motive behind avoiding amazon?

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    Great tag idea, I definitely want to do it in December ๐Ÿ™‚

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    if i did this tag so many of my answers would be the exact same! i love the idea though, thanks for sharing

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