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100 thoughts on “🐶Puppies RESCUED from EARTHQUAKE!”

  1. J House Vlogs says:

    What have you named your pets over the year?

  2. Tahlia's Toy House says:

    Wait so are they keeping puppy’s or not cause I had a mini party cause I thought they are getting a dog but now I’m just confused

  3. Sarah-Liza J says:

    I cried too because my dog died last year

  4. Lilly Anderson says:

    I think you should adopt them because they're probably really special to the kids ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Little Sloth says:

    I think the girl looks like a Lilly and the boy looks like a max

  6. Mary Rudkin says:

    I like jack but I thought that Pippi was cute

  7. The Ambitious Dietitian Brianna and Daniel says:


  8. Meg Leong says:

    Its sad my cat gave birth but 2 died🐈🐱😱😘🐩🐶😭😢

  9. typical_ abbie says:

    I haven’t finished the video yet so I don’t know if u have named them but sugar for the girl and pice for the boy!

  10. Aleea Louis says:

    Lilli and alex

  11. Giovanna Granata says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Elise just turned 10 today! Yay! Oh, and I remember that Cptnameless' made a video called Sleeping on the Job. It contains my favorite character sleeping on a conveyor belt. And I won't forget that this video was made since 2018 for her birthday!

  12. Meg Leong says:

    Can you pls keep one at least .💎

  13. TheDogcat20 says:

    I have a 3 month old husky puppy named copper. That my mum and dad brought for my 21st birthday as we lost our old dog zoe 5 years ago she was 12 1/2. I'm still learning the little guys personality.

  14. Karen Palumbo says:

    My dog just passed away and i miss her sooooo much

  15. Livie 2U says:

    My puppy is called Alfie

  16. scorviewang Jacqueline says:

    Pls keep them

  17. Fatima Wells says:

    Sooooo cute

  18. wolf gang says:

    we have three dogs so we could take one

  19. Reading and fun Master says:

    I do have a dog but another one passed away in September or August in 2019.

  20. Collin Muehlfelder says:

    My puppy used to not eat her food so we would put water in it, or olive oil, or bananas.

  21. Dennis Miedema says:

    We had a dog named Baxter but we got rid of him because we found out my brother is allergic to dogs!! And we have 2 cats named max and ruby

  22. Cassidy Ziller says:

    I love the puppies

  23. Casey Mathews says:

    Thank you so much

  24. Braden V says:

    I want one!!!!!!!!

  25. Julia Donofrio says:

    Rose and moon would be cute

  26. Unicorn _playZ says:

    I like Sugar for the Girl and Cruiser for the boy!

  27. Skyler Is cool says:

    Omg lm so happy for u lm greatful that u made a youtube channel l have been bullied all my life because how l look

  28. Skyler Is cool says:

    When l lm sad I pray for god that l don’t get bullied anymore I watch your guises videos every single day it makes me smile so much

  29. Skyler Is cool says:

    Love u

  30. Swirling Fizz says:

    Awww so adorable my channel just got 1K 2 days ago ❤️

  31. Maddy’s Notebook says:

    WOW you guys are so kind and down to earth
    I love your family ethic it’s so inspiring

  32. Jilly G says:

    I have a 14 year old havenese ( sorry about the spelling ) and his sister died one to two years ago

  33. L C says:

    i have ben waching you for 4 years i love your content

  34. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I don't have a pet:

  35. Kara Younts says:

    My dog died her name is skyler she was 15 years old and she got sick and couldn’t take it and she died😭

  36. rosa martinez says:

    Adopt 10 popey

  37. Kenny Cole says:

    I think you should name them sun and jack

  38. Jazmin Rivera says:

    I have a police dog and he is beg and ilike your vidios bye😘😘😘🙂

  39. galaxyspace vlogs / gaming 10 says:

    My family is fostering 5 kittens because there mom got ran over. One is smaller and blind in one eye. 4 have homes already!

  40. Melissa Love says:

    God bless this organisation & God bless you guy’s. These gorgeous fur babies wouldn’t stand a chance if it wasn’t for these people & yourselves! Lots of love. 💕🐶🐶💕

  41. Isha Nisaa says:


  42. •Alexa• Bliss says:

    I feel so sorry for you I was hearing that there was a strong earthquake there but I live in America/California so I didn’t feel it but I would love you adopt a puppy but we already have one and my parents won’t let me get another one but thank god you guys are okay and the puppys

  43. Imogen Trainor says:

    I have a dog, a cockapoo, called riley🥰

  44. Falko Falko says:

    You are so lucky to have a dog

  45. Rachel Curran says:

    That is so nice and cute

  46. Angie's Place says:

    Isaac is 11 and I'm 11 but I turned 11 in December. Older is months older than me. The only pets I have gotten to name was my fish and there names were Chip, Nemo, and Dory. I also got to name my turtle and his name was cheesecake but I called him queso-cake because cheese in Spanish is queso.

  47. Michaela Pearson says:

    You should name the girl Lola and the boy Esther or buddy

  48. cool Alexander says:

    Chiefs are going to the super bowl

  49. Saba Palot Hussain says:


  50. Zoie Mae says:

    I haven’t watched you guys in forever! NaeNae can talk! Oh my goodness I need to catch up!

  51. BacoN PlayZ says:

    I wish you guys would keep them they are so adorable

  52. deletedData says:

    you guys have to get a puppy now

  53. Farheen Islam says:

    I had a cat along time ago

  54. Kim Casares says:

    Myla Trixcie JD Chewy Leia Kary Vadar Aniken and the Runt

  55. tiddlywinks456 says:

    For the lid on the jar. Turn the jar upside down and with a blunt knife slide it in between the glass part and the lid, pressing the lid out. This pops the seal and is so easy to do. My 80 year old mum with arthritis can do it.

  56. Keean Mitchener says:

    Hi am keen

  57. Anika Baker says:

    I love the name rose and piña for the girl, and I like the names jack and cruiser for the boy

  58. Lottie Turner says:

    i’ve got a dog called tank💙2 rabbit called buck and shortcake💙💓and a tortoise called minni💛xx

  59. Anika Baker says:

    9:03 omg I thought they were throwing the dogs for a second 🤭

  60. Zoey Lamb says:

    You guys are amassing. Let god bless ur family

  61. Monica M says:

    Oh my gosh I remember watching you guys back in 2015 and looking at your videos now the kids have grown up so much! The last time I’ve seen a video was when the new baby was born 😭

  62. Leah says:

    I thought it was funny when Jeremy started talking about when you guys raised the chickens because that’s what I was thinking about to

  63. Evie Wilsan says:

    My cats called elvies

  64. Lora Elizabeth Jones says:

    Oh my gosh these puppies are the cutest things I have ever seen 😍😍😍

    I have two dogs and a cat.i lost my hamster two weeks ago

  65. Samantha Moravac says:

    You could name the girl ivory and the boy kodah

  66. Erica Messerschmitt says:

    I have 2 pits name Carly and Gracie

  67. Zara Haire says:

    I have 3 dogs 1 kitten 2 guinea pigs and I named the dogs roodie indy and buddy and I named my kitten kippy and I named my guinea pigs potato and cocoa

  68. Matthew Edward says:

    can i say something when there trying to get away from the kids tell the kids to let them go dogs are anxious and need space i have had a 3dogs and all of them got given away beucause we didnt give them space

  69. Sally Harrison says:


  70. Erica Fisher says:

    It’s all most my birthday the 21is my birthday I’m emma

  71. Olivia Unknown says:

    I had two fish and they died and I got a dog she died now my new dog is five I am sad I miss all my pets that died:(

  72. chaandi Gaming says:

    OMG so cute I'm just going to die.

  73. chaandi Gaming says:

    I have two kittens named Jack and Jill.

  74. Olivia Rosolowski says:

    Name them jack and Jill

  75. Demangel2007 says:


  76. TT Girlz says:

    If your think jhouse should adopt a puppy

  77. OreoPug Gamer says:

    My name was on that list(im a big fan of you and your family on how they help others even animals)

  78. Ruth O Connor says:

    Girl shold be called Gemma 🐶🐶🐶

  79. Bethany Pike says:

    I watch a show on Animal Planet, that has gone to Puerto Rico and rescued dogs and brought them to United States to be adopted. She rescues special needs, major medical, and hospice animals. Her show is Amanda to the Rescue and her rescue is Panda Paws Rescue.

  80. Amanda Morse says:

    Addison and sea

  81. Lauri Williams says:

    Rummy &Riley
    Emma &Adam

  82. Brisset Lopez says:

    Boy Name:Moon Girl Name:Hope

  83. Sagel Deosarran says:

    This is 100% random but I just watched an ad about a princess denying her “knight in shining armor” because of acne 😂😂

  84. Sagel Deosarran says:

    This is 100% random but I just watched an ad about a princess denying her “knight in shining armor” because of acne 😂😂

  85. Kyleigh’s World says:

    Soooooooooo cute I want a puppy

  86. A look inside of a blind teenagers life ! says:

    Awwwwwwww what a great things to do for the puppies and I am sure the kids are loving this experience!

  87. Daniella Giampietro says:

    Really cool thing to do! I would probably get really attached myself lol. Maybe one day you guys can get one for Caleb! They would help with detecting his seizures. 🙂

  88. Baudi Moovan says:

    I fostered a dog a while ago and we got so attached that we adopted him!

  89. Maya's world Create says:

    I think they should be named:
    Hero and Justice,
    Kai and Kia,
    Roman and Rosie,
    Big and Small (Haha)
    Jeremy JR and Kendra JR (Haha)
    Sport and Lolly

    These are suggestions, some may be silly, I thought it would be funny -3-
    Love your videos!!!

  90. EJ Schill says:

    Hazel and Hogan are my dogs names

  91. Jellyquad says:

    These kids deserve a dog. For God’s sake keep them both!!!!

  92. Jellyquad says:

    If you take these dogs away from the kids that’s brutal af

  93. Cape COB says:

    How old are all of you

  94. Gamer Girl M says:

    I have 2 dogs and we give them like small nick names after what their real name is like my oldest dog we call her Millie but her real name is Milkshake and my other we call her Luna but her real name is Lunar Eclipse. Just an idea!

  95. cookieworldChristian D says:

    A cute dog so cute

  96. Amy Ingram says:

    I have name for the dogs

  97. mikev616 says:

    Gizmo, and they are so CUTE!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  98. JK Productions says:

    I love you sooo much I’ve been watching u for a couple of years but I finally have an account I can subscribe and comment now!

  99. JK Productions says:

    Make this blue is you love puppy’s

  100. If Master says:

    I have 2 dogs

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