homework & study (ミュージック)


presents homework and study ミュージック 1 hour playlist of chill study music – lofi hip hop mix Current song : Ibrahim – quiet dreams of crowns and metamorphosis Aso – waiting J L – Summertime latejune – Fall From Love aForeTime – Im Sorry City Girl – soft static sky on early mornings KEEM.THE.CIPHER – Blossom (with Sugi.wa) Silk.y. – keep It (Dream Easy Exclusive) Somar – sunny latejune – roses left behind mommy hilfiger – it rained when i first saw her (ft. meybirb) Kenai – Nobody Know Player Dave – Can’t Remember Ibrahim – sharing an umbrella Elijah who – You don’t even have to try j’san – This feels too good j’san &er the trees latejune – why bother Biosphere – morning fog j’san – soothing sh!t C O C O N O U T – Les Amoureux Artesiia – her biosphere – down by the brook Kendal Miles – Light year love (with Somar) Ibrahim – as the stars tremble mommy hilfiger – spilled milk

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100 thoughts on “homework & study (ミュージック)”


    Me: doing homework
    Also me: Huge Friends fan
    Hears last scene of friends
    Me: grabs chest WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!

  2. Sze Yin Tan says:

    studying tomorrow exam .Wish me!!

  3. ローラ・チャン says:

    too many homework… ;;

  4. Gold Fish says:

    I’m addicted to the song that starts at 7:17

  5. SofiaPlays MSP says:

    tomorrow i have a test :') Wish me luck 🙂

  6. KIKI's KIWI says:

    Currently lerning for a subject I am rlly bad in 😂(politics)

  7. lisa ramli says:

    Esol exam.. Wish me luck guyss

  8. Mỹ Duyên says:

    I will have an exam tomorrow! i'm very worry about it:< TT

  9. Yamí Gącha says:

    lol final exams and my mom will kill me if I get bad marks

  10. Natali Meshvildishvili says:

    heyy stop worrying its gonna be ok 😉 <3 just focus on ur work and i promise u'll get a good grade!!

  11. N u t e l l a says:

    Lol I used this as drawing music cause the other videos weren’t good but this one is

  12. Mohammad Masadeh says:

    How did your exams turn out?

  13. c r i s t y says:

    Thank you 🥺

  14. Dead Girl Walking says:

    Studying for my English test on Shakespeare. Wish me luck….

  15. avreet jagdev says:

    stop scrolling and start studying! you got this! (:

  16. Nathaniel Lo says:

    Currently writing a 25 page letter to self

    Tryna go for a 30 min per page rate already failed but hey all good

  17. funpiece says:

    dear sir, can i use your music on my youtube channel with no copyright ?

  18. i see u says:

    To whoever's having a mental breakdown as they study…

    girl me too😭

  19. Rowxn Glitch says:

    Each time I lose my comment so:(

  20. 버블Tae says:

    i have my very final exam this friday and after this i guess it's off to uni (if i get in :'))

  21. M M says:

    I am trying to prepare to my finals) wish me luck

  22. Thet Swe says:

    Who just came here and have no Homework and just listening to the music only

    Of course me!

  23. Zamieca Paña says:

    I hear this kind of music to most youtuber's vids 💕

  24. Darren Duong says:

    why tf you put something with lyrics here ?

  25. Jennifa Man says:

    Trying to study my exam for the final, wish me luck.

    Also I just listen to the music sometimes without any homework to do🌚

  26. b a n g t a n s o n y e o n d a n says:

    i'm so stressed because I have soon an exam and I have so much homework to do :((

  27. Алиса Морозюк says:

    Спасибо ❤️

  28. Coffeelakey says:

    2 exams , a house of homework wish me luck :')

  29. Jasmine Mank says:

    I've got like 8 test's left this week sooo.. yeahhhh wish me luck….

  30. Trinidad Aliendro says:

    Esta musica me sirvio mucho mientras estudiaba gracias 🙂

  31. Cat burger Animations says:

    HoW DiD yOu KnOw

  32. A Shorty says:

    I love how the comments are so recent, knowing that people like to listen to this to calm down or whatever lol.

    Just congratulations for trying to study people!

    I hope you have a good morning, evening, night, or even anywhere in between lol.

    I also hope that other people you have test incoming will get a good score.

    Just good luck in general! :3

  33. The Random Unicorn says:

    Study time!! 🤓🧠

  34. Kirstin Guardian says:

    i know you may be stressing about a test or a final but take a deep breath. you got this.

  35. Loveliies Huns says:

    its surprising i see people commenting 6 minutes before me.

  36. Lana Hussein says:

    Hi stop reading now go back to work and I'm putting all my energy on you and I'm very proud of you hope you pass😊

    As in pass the exam or test ,homework

  37. Mya DePaola says:

    Holy!!!!!! 8 MILLION VIEWS! Oh its an hour long,I'm not clicking on that…
    (Listens to the entire video)
    Anyone else???

  38. Jess Shaka says:

    We have thursday and friday off, and all of my teachers are giving us tests today and tomorrow….. i needed this playlist.

  39. Audra Griffin says:

    omg thank you for this playlist i need to not fail my classes 🙂

  40. peace was never an option says:

    Why are all the comments so recent

  41. peace was never an option says:

    I have a big ass assignment due tomorrow that I didn’t even start yet! Wish me luck lmao I’m crying

  42. Nenza Nurfirmansyah says:

    wish us luck

  43. Sweet Mendes says:

    Lol tomorrow I have exam and this was in my recomended

  44. Celeste Heberer says:

    This is literally the only thing i listen to when doing my homework. It’s such a good playlist though😌❤️❤️❤️

  45. Hằng Trần Thị says:

    try my best and wish me luck <3

  46. jupiter bee says:

    please don’t put words >:(

  47. Катя Субботина says:

    i have this giant test tmr for social studies and im just tryna ace it cause its 60% of my grade…wIsH mEh lUcK

  48. Lingliu says:

    this is so good omg

  49. Megan Anstee says:

    I’m sitting an exam on Shakespeare’s soliloquy’s tomorrow and I’m going to fail
    wish me luck 🤦‍♀️

  50. Амина Надирова says:

    Thanks, that helped! Calm, motivating to learn music! I did the math in 1 minute! 🙂

  51. Lil Potato says:

    this makes me feel happy…

  52. itsyagrai says:

    I have a test in an hour and it's so much work
    Edit: 30 more minutes
    Edit2: okay 10 more minutes, I'm trippinnn

    Wish me luck😕

  53. Ton Zarakum says:

    54:00 I was doing home work and I heard that and I look at the screen and I was like EH?!!!

  54. haroinfather says:

    exam season brought me here

  55. Lil Nano says:

    Tengo un examen de geografia el jueves que viene, deseenmen suerte :'(

  56. Aylin Akbaba says:

    Lets all ace our exams!! We can do it!!!!

  57. ★彡E12★彡 says:


  58. Maria Carolina Tillero says:

    hello this music really works i always concentrate and i always zen out to my work really recommend it – –

  59. bibi says:

    zank uuuss! this really helps me focus in my notes and study them for tests then next day. thank u for being such a big help. trying my hardest to make studying a lil easier !! xx

  60. Eric Heston says:

    first song has one of the smoothest drops ive ever heard

  61. Ellie F says:

    Physics tomorrow… wish I was somewhere else lmao

  62. Rica Sopa says:

    i like it (●'◡'●)

  63. ink says:

    “You’re like the coolest person I’ve ever met and you don’t even have to try”
    “I try really hard actually”
    I love love love this playlist
    And I love the little movies in between, this especially

  64. Bella Eventing says:

    the room looks like alisha maries work space is it inspired from her ?

  65. cookie gurl_online says:

    Im doing homework with this music
    Really awesome

  66. trang xxx says:

    Keep studying. Dont like this cmt !!!! ^_^

  67. Cyqo FN says:

    I'm doing history homework started 5 mins ago I'll reply when I'm done 👍

  68. I Am An Awkward Potato says:

    Bold of you to assume I can do my homework in an hour

  69. sxrx. jxs says:

    Did someone else notice that there are Monica and Richard in this? (at 26:00)

  70. ღFluffyJeonginღ says:

    I have a math exam tomorrow
    Wish me luck pleasee! 🙂

  71. Eylul Azra says:

    I have biology exam tomorrow i am sure i suck at biology LMAO

  72. JminRay_2 says:

    i have a geography test tomorrow 🙁
    wish me luck please

  73. Jarett Platsis says:

    What are all the songs names? Especially the one in the beginning

  74. jack sama says:

    Wtf i've done my homeworks without distraction Hahahahahah

  75. Renee the boss says:

    I have to take notes, study, study more, finish writing, practice basketball, and of course TAKE BREAKS

  76. BigPancake says:

    Stop do ur homework like if he done

  77. Alysa Dela Cruz says:

    I’m not even doing homework…….

  78. Fixani !• says:

    I just finished my homework and notes and I did really well not getting distracting :0

  79. ·ฯ{ iʑυмi υcнiнα}·ฯ says:

    gnt brs aqui nessa area? alô hello?

  80. Maribel Dominguez says:

    i have to go to dance do homework and study and then get like 2 minnutes on my phone and go to bed

  81. XxAnime_WolfiexX :P says:

    Wow, with this music I finished my homework in a good amount of time~! I'm proud of myself

  82. derek derek says:

    are u guys studying hard?


  83. leaf同性恋者 says:

    I'm working on my homework, i feel very calm. Thanks for the person who make this vid. i am very happy.

  84. n o t n o r m a l d a i l y says:

    i swear to god there were a bridge to terabithia quote here and i cant fiNd it. Also, this made me so sleepy, i almost couldn't study.

  85. Funny Memes says:

    I swear I can concentrate 100 times better whit this thank you so much 😁😁😁

  86. Noah Hooper says:

    So i really wanna pas my exams

  87. Mirthe van Duijn says:

    Okay.. so now i’m distracted by reading the comments lmao😂😅

  88. Анна Кисель says:

    wow! it`s really perfect. thank you so mush <3

  89. løsër_ fänÿ says:

    No puedo creer que si me eche toda la canción, la escuché todititita jakaja

  90. iiLeahSeaYT says:

    Good for video Teen routine on roblox ty! 😊

  91. Jillian says:

    when i heard rachel’s voice at 27:21 i got sad 🥺😂 it reminded me of that ONE episode :((

  92. Eric Heston says:

    got an A on the math test i was studying for guys

  93. keke says:

    Got a B on my test cuz of music thx

  94. A Person says:

    That moment you realize that this is an hour long and you haven’t even finished your first page of homework but the video is over.

  95. sxnnii hun says:

    im did this while doing homework it was really relaxing and helped me focus ^.^

  96. summer wong says:


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