DIYで廃墟を大改造!#18 ロマン溢れる総革ソファー設置!

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In the previous video, I completed a dresser for in the walk-in closet, And also made a storage shelf above it. Thus I completed the Dyson station and dresser storage space. At last, the day has come to move to this room. There is still work around the PC table, but I would like to bring the furniture soon. I made a loft bed for myself the other day, but There is no need to make the other furniture myself, I will just get them at a furniture store. First, I’ve planned to put my TV next to the closet, so I will place the sofa on its opposite side. But I want to be able to go directly to the garden through the large back window, So I will make sure there is enough space between the PC table to walk thru. This would be enough for two people I want a cool romantic sofa, but Actually, I was looking for a sofa in this room, from the beginning of the renovation. Let’s go back in time, to February 2019. I came to the furniture shop this day. There were a lot of sofas, This is the 5th shop so far. I haven’t found the sofa of my dreams yet but, What I want is brown leather. The length is within 180cm and the cushion is slightly soft. And the most important thing is the romantic essence of the sofa. And then 2 months later… The man came to Makuhari Messe for seeking for romance. Actually on that day, the furniture bazaar held here at Makuhari Messe, Was not Japan’s largest exhibition area. Without further ado, let’s find a sofa that attracts me. I don’t want to compromise on the furniture because I worked really hard on renovating the room. There are a lot of sofas here. This is a paradise for furniture enthusiasts. I’m so happy that I feel like I’m getting a nosebleed… And then… …hmm! This is… C…c…c… COOL~~~ The softness of the cushion was great when I sat down. The size was perfect, and it’s also leather-covered. That said I finally met the perfect romantic sofa. The only hesitation was that it was 150,000 yen, but I have decided right after I sat down. And 3 months later… I had them delay the delivery due to the delay of the renovation, but The sofa finally arrived today. The room was in a really bad condition, but It became way cleaner than before. Boss-Kichi, the sofa will arrive later today, so it will be a really cool room full of romantic vibe! Boss-Kichi, you know what a man’s romance is, right? Boss-Kichi “I don’t know!” Boss-Kichi “Oops, I don’t have time to shoot the breeze.” Boss-Kichi “I’m still on patrol.” Boss-Kichi “Shoot! It’s locked today.” Boss-Kichi “Oh well, I’m going to my sister’s room.” Boss-Kichi “Where is my sister today?” Boss-Kichi “By the way, when will the sofa be delivered?” Probably it should be here soon… …oh, Neko-Kichi is here! …and then! The sofa is finally here! Hey guys, go and take a look at the sofa in that room. Boss-Kichi “It’s finally here huh.” Boss-Kichi “I’m going to check it out first.” Boss-Kichi “Wow———-!!!” Boss-Kichi “That colour and gloss…” Boss-Kichi “At first glance, it looks like p○○!” Boss-Kichi “I am sorry for interrupting your meal!” Boss-Kichi “But if I look at this closely, it’s actually really cool…” Boss-Kichi “Wow!” Boss-Kichi “This is actually awesome!” Boss-Kichi “Hey sister, this is romance!” Boss-Kichi “A man’s romance is right here!” Neko-Kichi “A man’s romance, huh.” Neko-Kichi “What are you talking about?” Neko-Kichi “What!?” Neko-Kichi “This is a great sofa.” Neko-Kichi “But it’s not the perfect color for videos.” Neko-Kichi “Leave the colour aside, it’s comfortable to sit in.” Neko-Kichi “I feel like being on a cloud.” Boss-Kichi “After all, that’s every man’s dream.” Boss-Kichi “Creatures seeking romance.” Boss-Kichi “Romance today, tomorrow, and a day after tomorrow…” Boss-Kichi “What?” Neko-Kichi “You are annoying!” Neko-Kichi “It’s about a sofa, not romance!” Boss-Kichi “My sister doesn’t know anything about a man’s romance.” Boss-Kichi “But, it still looks like a dinosaur’s p○○.” Neko-Kichi “Stop it! No dirty jokes on this channel!” Thus, this abandoned room is finally becoming a decent room after installing the sofa. I will add more furniture later. However, the next day, Boss-Kichi who is completely fascinated by romance will cause a disturbance… So next time for part 19, I will publish a video about a major incident caused by Boss-Kichi. Neko-Kichi “The guys in this house are so annoying and desperate for romance…”

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