코르크 DIY, 인테리어 제품 가격공개, 고급진 느낌은 덤! 중국 이우 도매시장 [EP09 코르크 원단, 악세사리, 타일]


Welcome back to How Much China Hello, everyone. This is Chai. Do you know what’s on the video? It’s a fillet that makes cork products. They squeeze this fillet into a variety of cork products. Like this. But the product I’m going to introduce today is… No, I think it’s better to say ingredients. I’m sure some of you have never seen this before. Just Like me. It’s the Cork Fabric. The touch itself was very soft. This is how you make the cork oak peel thinly. I liked the feeling that it wasn’t artificial because it was used as a tree. It’s also possible to make the cork fabric stick directly They can customize it to the size or shape you want when you order. There were a lot of different samples. It’s so colorful and soft. The back is covered with a thin cloth with cork on it. You can order it in 5m and 10m units if in stock. The delivery period depends on the availability of inventory. It’s unique and pretty. I think we can use it in a variety of ways. A slightly larger size than A4 $13 Online retail price in Korea is 12,000 won per person. If you’re a seller of ideas and handmade products, I think there’s a lot we can do with this material. It costs $22 in Amazon for the cork cover diary It’s a little expensive for a diary. I guess it’s sold at this price because it’s pretty. a laundry basket (Asking if we can add functionality to your existing product.) 8 yuan per sheet for adding color and waterproof For waterproofing drugs used, regardless of quantity, We have to cover the full cost. Please Push like and subscribe is a big help to me. See you again!

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2 thoughts on “코르크 DIY, 인테리어 제품 가격공개, 고급진 느낌은 덤! 중국 이우 도매시장 [EP09 코르크 원단, 악세사리, 타일]”

  1. taeseong ha says:

    코르크 뚜껑만 생각했는데 다양한 제품들이 많네요 잘 보고 갑니다.

  2. Subin Jeong says:

    너무유익한 ㅎㅎ 감사합니다 정말 굿

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