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hi guys it’s Theresa welcome back to my
channel in today’s video I wanted to talk about my favorite books of the
whole entire 2010 decade I know a lot of people have been doing this kind of
video recently and I think it’s really fun and really cool and everybody kind of has their own take to it so that makes it all the more special and I kind of
struggled with how to approach this video because honestly my reading tastes
have changed so much over the past ten years that there’s basically no books
that I read like ten years ago that I would absolutely still love and 100%
percent recommend right now and I also didn’t want this video to just be me
recommending you books that I read over the last three years because that’s not
really the point of it right so I basically decided to try and somehow
find records of all the books I read over the 10 last ten years a lot of it
is lost to the universe unfortunately because I didn’t start goodreads until I
think 2014 and even then I like added books that I had read previously
fortunately but I have no idea when I actually read them cuz I didn’t add a
read date so I did give them ratings and I do have some memories of them but I
don’t exactly know when I read them so especially the first few years of the
2010s are really much more a guess than an actuality but basically I wanted to
see what was my favorite book of any given year of the 2010s and I wanted to
try and specifically pick books that I would still to some extent at least
stand behind as actually being good so it’s not necessarily my favorite book of
that year as I was thinking of that year if that makes sense
more so retrospectively, oh I read this book in 2010 and I still think it’s a
good book is there logic in there somewhere I’m not entirely sure but
we’re just gonna go with it okay okay so we’re starting with 2010 and this is a
book that I’m actually pretty sure if I read it now having already read so many
thrillers I probably wouldn’t love as much but this was my first thriller as
far as I can recall and a book that like shocked me and rocked me to my core and
that is before I go to sleep by SJ Watson. it had one of the most amazing
plot twists to me in all eternity up until that point I’ve told this story multiple
times before but basically while I was reading this book I was really sick and
I had a high fever and I had actual fever dreams of
the stuff that I read about in this book that makes it sound so much more crazy
and like out there than it actually was but to me it just like consumed me so
much because it was such a like psychologically harrowing thriller and I
just I just loved it at the time this book follows a woman who like loses her
memory every single night and she lives with her husband and he has to leave her
all these notes and stuff to help her remember and honestly as I said looking
back this probably wasn’t the best thriller out there and not the most
shocking thing but to me it was and looking back this definitely was a
highlight for me of the years around the year 2010 at least because that’s as
close as I can get with my estimations here for 2011 I picked divergent by
Veronica Roth I know this book has kind of gone through its ups and downs
people liked it and then they didn’t like it I’m not sure this didn’t live
through exactly what like a lot of other YA series have lived through where I
feel like for example things like hush hush or fallen or like Twilight even
like all these romances that were so hyped at some point and then people just
threw them to the wolves essentially but divergent has kind of stuck around and I
was actually one of the few people that actually enjoyed Allegiant as well like
I loved the ending I liked how it ended I’m sorry don’t shoot me I was a
fan honestly I did really like divergent I don’t actually know when I
read The Hunger Games, just now that I’m thinking about it, it might also have
been the Hunger Games that I read that year and really loved I can’t say I don’t
know I don’t have memories but we’ll just put both of these books as like some of
my favorite books of 2011 because at the time I was absolutely in love with them
and I still think to this day that for what they were they were pretty good. another thing that needs to be said for the years 2010 2011 I actually spent the
school year 2010-2011 in Ireland as an exchange student I actually do
remember reading quite a lot of books that year and I used to in my like daily
planner kind of thing like weekly planner I used to write like when I
would start a book and when I would finish it unfortunately I don’t know
where that planner is or I could use it for this video but I don’t know where
it is I have it somewhere I’m sure but it’s probably at my parents house so we
just have to go off of my guess work here for the most part but I do remember
that being a pretty good time for my reading
because I wasn’t really doing much else besides school then the year 2012 was
when I graduated from high school and my favorite book that year I’m gonna say
was 1984 this is actually a book where I’m sure that I read it that year
because I had to write like a kind of small thesis on it for my English class
I chose it as a topic for my thesis actually I chose George Orwell so I did
a lot of like his works in general but specifically 1984 and I really enjoyed
it I loved the book I thought it was like a mindfuck like no other I really
had a fun time … “fun time”. 2012-2013 is another year that I read quite a bit
because after graduation I had like a gap year working as an au pair in
England and we had a pretty good library where I was living and I like literally
I had to take the kids well I had to I took the kids to the library a lot and
then I grabbed a lot of books there as well and I do remember reading quite a
bit throughout that year and I also bought some books because I found waterstones and their like 2 for half price or something or two for one like I
don’t even know they have like a lot of good deals sometimes and I bought so
many books almost too many for like oh my meager salary as an au pair but I
have two favorite books for that year and the only reason why is because I
also have two worst books of that year for my other video that I’m doing about
the worst books of the decade so I thought it was only fair that I had two
okay cuz I couldn’t decide the first is gone girl by Gillian Flynn, another wonderful thriller like again really really important in my discovery of like
how much I enjoy thrillers how much I love reading them at the time this was
you know so new and so different and genuinely an amazing piece of work if
it were published now it probably wouldn’t have the impact neither on me
nor on the general public as it did but I think at the time it was really
important and did a lot like, it pushed some boundaries in a sense and
of creativity as well in thriller writing at least that’s how I perceived
it and I just loved it I loved everything about this book again such a
mindfuck wonderful and then I also read and really enjoyed the Lies of Locke
Lamora by Scott Lynch this was one of my first I believe forays into
adult fantasy I’m not entirely sure when that started I’ve always been a fantasy
reader but I really really really loved this book
I think I saw who was it Whitney Milam who used to be like a vlogger kind of at
the time like Luke Conard and Ingrid and all these people were like just coming
up like these daily vlogging was becoming a thing and I was obsessed with
it and I found like all these people and she would do videos about the books that
she was reading and I think she was reading Locke Lamora and I bought
like everything she recommended and I fell in love with this book and I’m
still in love with this book and I still recommend it all the time
it’s such a good heist story it’s so intricate so political and I just I
can’t imagine like coming up with such stories that are so twisty and turny and
just so clever one of the best cast of characters of any book I just adored it
and if you for some reason haven’t listened to me tell you to read
this book before please listen to me now because it’s amazing you won’t regret it
2014 I was in Vienna in my first and second semester of university studying
Japanese studies and my favorite book from that year I think was Noughts and
crosses by Malorie Blackman this is a YA series and its really interesting
it follows a world where basically the roles of black and white people in
society are reversed so essentially black people have a history of like
enslaving and mistreating and discriminating against white people and
it’s basically about a forbidden romance between a black girl and a white boy and
it’s so wonderfully written and I really really enjoyed it I thought it was so
thought-provoking I was like I don’t know how old I was like 21 but I
still very much had like a teenage mindset and this really spoke to me and
I just really really enjoyed it I thought it was so interesting I did read
the second book knife’s edge as well and enjoyed it but when I tried continue
with the series later on I found that I couldn’t connect to it as much anymore
because I do think it’s more targeted towards a younger audience of ya and
since I’ve grown out of that a little bit more over the last few years
I don’t really gel with it as much anymore but that’s definitely on me and
not on these books and I still highly highly recommend you to read them
if you haven’t already and you typically do enjoy younger YA voices as well. in
2015 I finally took the plunge and I read the final Empire by Brandon
Sanderson the first book in the Mistborn series I also immediately read the
second I think I read them literally within one like in one week both of
these books and I absolutely loved them but they did put me in a bit of a slump
and I ended up reading the third one like a year later because it was just so much
at once I absolutely loved these books and was absolutely blown away by how
well-written they were again such great world building great characters I was
obsessed with the magic system and this just immediately became one of my
favorite series that I would still to this day recommend to everyone to read
like I’m sure most people have already read it anyway because it’s so good and
so popular but rightfully so cuz it’s genuinely phenomenal 2015 2016 is also
the year where I spend two semesters in Japan I didn’t honestly read much during
that time most of my videos from that time are like vlogs about Japan and like
the things I was doing and like ideas I was having and like discussing there’s a
lot of things I actually have like two videos as well of me like doing
like Japanese presentations on camera for you guys that you seemed to really
enjoy I’m too scared to go back and watch them now because I’m sure my
Japanese is a hell of a lot better but anyway I didn’t read a lot during that
time because as you know I love physical books, reading physical books and that
wasn’t really an option while I was there cuz I would have to like carry
them all back so I had like only a very small selection of books that I
actually had while I was there but when I got back that fall in 2016 I read
eating animals by Jonathan Safran Foer which is the book that
single-handedly turned me into a vegetarian I absolutely loved this book
it was so moving to me and even though like it’s about the u.s. farming
industry that doesn’t directly you know impact me because I don’t live in the
US and the rules and regulations in Europe and in Austria are a lot stricter than in the US I
still felt like we were causing… by eating animals we were causing needless
suffering and it really just immediately turned me off of meat and I haven’t
looked back I have started eating fish again this year because I find
especially when eating out, eating vegetarian isn’t that healthy because
they give you a lot of deep-fried things and a lot of cheesy things and it’s
really not a fun experience anymore and I thought you know what like just a nice
fillet of fish it’s gonna be so much better for my body and I think it is so, this is one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read that definitely
changed my life and highly recommend checking it out whether you’re like
thinking about going vegetarian or not I think it’s just really eye-opening it’s
important to know that these things are happening then we get to the year 2017
the first year I actually did a favorites video for the year so I have like a
concrete definitive pick that I even at the time thought it was amazing I still
think it’s amazing stay with me by Ayobami Adebayo, this book is set in
Nigeria and follows a woman who is barren, so she can’t conceive and her
parents-in-law basically convinced her husband to take another wife because
that’s very common in their culture and it’s just about her story her struggling
her suffering and it’s just wonderful I absolutely love that it’s so well
written and just extremely moving and beautiful and if you haven’t read it yet
please do because you won’t regret it also in the year 2017 I graduated from my
bachelor’s degree yay and then immediately started another bachelor’s
degree in Chinese Studies because I couldn’t immediately switch to a masters
for some reason so I did two semesters of that what a waste of time but I did
it, okay, I know a little bit Chinese now good 2018 my favorite book was the
7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton and I absolutely adored this book this was a
really weird experience for me because I think I heard little book owl talk
about the book way before it came out and I just heard the synopsis
and I was already I could feel in my bones, I was so hyped I’ve never been
this hyped for a book without even knowing that much about it I hadn’t
heard any reviews yet cuz no one had read it I just knew it was gonna come
out and was gonna be a thing and then I got my hands on it it was everything I
wanted and more and this book and me just have a perfect love story and I
just adored it I also did an individual book review for this and Stuart Turton
himself commented and it was the best moment of my booktube career so far
yay love that love that for me in 2018 I was finally
able to start a master’s program in translation studies which I’m still
doing today I’m still I’m really enjoying it it was the best decision for
me because this is really what I think I want to do for the rest of my life
something to do with translation and with languages it’s just my calling it’s
how it is in 2018 I also moved in with my boyfriend which was fun and still
is fun and now I live here in this wonderful flat and not in in my old one
which if you have seen that one it’s it wasn’t a great time it’s really cold all
the time basically and that brings us to 2019 my favorite book of 2019 was I’m
thinking of ending things by Iain Reid this is another psychological thriller
that completely blew me away it’s so short but packs a punch it’s just
phenomenal it’s super super super again mine fuckery and if you haven’t noticed
those are my favorite books that like really just play with your mind it’s
phenomenal I can’t can’t recommend it enough nothing all that special happened
in 2019 I don’t have that big of a plan for 2020 either I’m basically just
focusing on finishing my Master’s doing internships when I can getting some
money together so that hopefully next year it can go back to Japan that’s the
grand plan for now but yeah those are my 10 favorite books of the decade actually
there’s eleven because I have mentioned two so we’ve got my eleven favorite
books of the decade I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know your
favorite books of the 2010s in the comments and what you thought of the
ones I mentioned today I hope to see you back there soon in the meantime check
out these videos why don’t you, have a lovely week bye

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  1. Alex Darnall says:

    You are so beautiful I love you

  2. Life With Leila says:

    I read the Evelyn Hardcastle book in 2019 and I think it was one of my favorite reads for the year, definitely top 3. I didn't hear any of the hype surrounding it, just saw it in Target and thought it looked cool. I hope he releases another book soon.

  3. Larilyon says:

    I just realized how long I've been subscribed to your channel. XD

  4. Helen E says:

    Glad you loved noughts and crosses. It was huge in my high school when it first came out. It's probably the book that got me back in to reading as a teenager and helped me discover young adult books.

  5. Jessie Mae says:

    日本語が話せますか?!that is so cool you studied Japanese! What got you interested in it? I lived in Tokyo for 7 years so loveeee Japan 😍😍

  6. Terézia T says:

    I don't think I have thanked you for recommending "stay with me" — finished it a few days ago!

  7. TimeAndChance says:

    1984 certainly made my list this decade too.
    Now to somethin' different. How many of these are among your fav English words of the 2010s, that is besides *Theresa*? Some of 'em perhaps also could be if u knew them better. Honesty now. Bring forth the REAL you.
    f _ _ _
    mindf _ _ _
    mindf _ _ _ ery

    and of course (pause for a patented Theresa salacious smirk) climax
    How many non-smutty YA, NA & Adult sex scenes use these words. Hmm. Variations on the same theme. There's 0 new under the sun says Eccles.

  8. High on Books says:

    " 1984 was a mindfuck like no other" couldn't agree more😂

  9. Mrs. Moriarty says:

    I really love Locke Lamora (and all the Books of the Series so far) and hopefully Scot Lynch will write again one day …

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    You're the smartest and most discerning book youtuber. Sorry, but if you want your channel grows up, you have to get out of your comfort zone and do something new. Use that you're a white Aryan and tell us about Germany and Austria, make more vlogs. :))

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