Читаем по – русски// Reading Russian books in Russian


Reading in Russian Nikolai is a talented man, he studies mathematics, physics, history, literature and foreign languages, he studies well but knows a lot. He studies wel,l he knows a lot but he usually doesn’t know where are his things. Yesterday he bought a book now he wants to read it but where is it? Is it in the bag? No,it isn’t there. There are other books, passport, glasses, socks. Where is the new book? Is it on the table? There is no lamp. There is a a teapot, a cup, a fork, a knife, boots, a jacket. Where is the book? Maybe on the table? There is a clock, disks and a shirt. Maybe the book on a shelf It’s not in the bookcase No. Nikolai is tired. He is hungry. He opens the frige and sees sausage, butter, cheese and jam the book.

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4 thoughts on “Читаем по – русски// Reading Russian books in Russian”

  1. Kari Karjalainen says:

    Привет, Ира)))

  2. Kari Karjalainen says:

    Всегда здорово читать вслух))) Спасибо за видео с текстом и чтением, моя подруга)))

  3. Russian to the world says:

    Привет всем! Ответьте на вопросы:
    1. Что купил Николай?
    2. Что на столе?
    3. Что в холодильнике?
    4. Где новая книга?

    Hello to everyone, answer the questions:
    1. What did Nikolay buy?
    2. What's on the table?
    3. What's in the fridge?
    4. Where's the new book?

  4. Kari Karjalainen says:

    Спасибо за задание, Ирочка)))

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